Ahrefs vs Semrush Review: Which one is Best For Your Site

Ahrefs vs Semrush

Ahrefs vs Semrush
If you want to increase your traffic through on-page and off-page SEO techniques, all you need to use Ahrefs and Semrush tools for your blog or your website. Through these SEO tools, one can rank his/her website on the first page of Google. This article will elaborate Ahrefs vs Semrush pros and cons simultaneously. If you are struggling to drive more traffic and sales on your blog, you need to know the differences between Ahrefs vs Semrush, through which you can easily figure out which one is best for your blog or website.

Ahrefs Vs Semrush Packages

Ahrefs’s monthly pricing is $99/month while Semrush is $99.95
1 User is allowed in both SEO tools
In both SEO tools, number of tracked websites are 5
In Ahrefs you can track keyword and update frequency is 500/week, while in Semrush is 500/day.
In Ahrefs pages to crawl using site audit is 10,000/month, while in Semrush its 100,000/month
In Ahrefs you can claim 7 days free trial while in Semrush you can claim 14 days trial

Offers between Ahrefs Vs Semrush

In Ahrefs you can explorer site, its position, its content, its domain, its crawling reports etc. In Ahrefs you can build quality backlinks and it is famous for building quality backlinks for any blog. While in Semrush you can do competitor’s analysis, find most profitable keywords, you can do site audit, you can find links and you can also find traffic of any site you want to know.
Ahrefs offers “Site Explore” feature, through which you can explore ahrefs rank, backlinks, referring domains, organic keywords and paid keywords. While Semrush offers “Site Audit”, through which you can figure out your sites health with SEO analysis tool, errors, warnings, internal and external links etc.

Summary: Ahrefs vs Semrush

Both SEO tools have their own pros and cons. Ahrefs is best SEO tool for finding quality backlinks, while Semrush is best for content ideas, keyword search of both competitor and own website. Ahrefs crawlers are 99% accurate when it comes to find out quality backlinks, while Semrush crawlers are also 99% accurate when it comes to choose profitable keywords. Ahrefs has the biggest database of backlinks while Semrush has 1.4B keyword database. Both Ahrefs vs Semrush are great toolkits to create quality backlinks and pick up most profitable keywords for your blog. Both will significantly help you to boost more traffic and sales on your blog and website. If you are more focusing on link building, Ahrefs is great choice for your website. On the other hand if you are focusing on position tracking and keyword research, Semrush is good choice for you.
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Learn Wordpress Step by Step Within A Weak (Complete Guide)

Learn Wordpress Step by Step Within A Weak
WordPress is another extraordinary website for blogging. Its majority of customization is based on Plugins but apart from its Plugins, it got plenty of other options to visible your content in a better way. Therefore you need to learn WordPress step-by-step in order to make your site more responsive and attractive for your visitors. This course is based on one week. You can start it from Sunday to Saturday. If you learned this Guide, you will not do most common WordPress mistakes on your site. So let's start our journey from day 1. 


Domain and Hosting

First of all, you should know the difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.orgbecause both sites are different. If you have created a free site on WordPress.com and now want to Migrate from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, better to purchase a domain plus hosting from a reputed hosting website. There are hundreds of hosting websites there but to select a best WordPress hosting website, which runs smoothly with no downtime is a tough decision. 
You will be asking Why we are Purchasing Domain Plus Hosting? if we are creating a free WordPress site on WordPress.com.
Well, one thing you should keep in your mind that, if you have created a site on WordPress.com like example.com. Now that site is not yours unless you shift it to WordPress.org. WordPress.com can ban your site at any time, if you violate their rules and regulations. On the other side, if you purchase a domain plus hosting then the site becomes yours. That's why we are purchasing domain plus hosting. 

How to Install WordPress?

Well, first thing first, you have to install WordPress on our web hosting account.  The tutorials given below will help you to install WordPress manually on your site. So let's go to start our one week journey of learn WordPress step by step through installing WordPress account.

What Should I Need Before Installing WordPress?

You need to choose a good domain name with a good web hosting company. We recommend Bluehost and hostgator for WordPress Hosting.

How To Install WordPress?

There are number of ways through which you can install WordPress but I am going to give you two easy ways through which you can easily install WordPress on your server.
Install WordPress Using SimpleScripts
It’s a one-click installation process, which is adopting by many web hosting companies. If you want to install WordPress through SimpleScripts process then you need to see either SimpleScripts is installed on their servers or not? You need to check on your hosting website, either it allows SimpleScripts installation processor or not. In most hosting websites, you will see following icon. Now just click on the the simple scripts icon to begin. 
Learn Wordpress Step by Step

It will lead you to SimpleScripts page.
Learn Wordpress Step by Step

Once you click on WordPress Icon, you will be prompted to installation page. On this page you can manage all WordPress installations.
Learn Wordpress Step by Step

You just need to click on the install button. It will lead you to the next page, where you can install you main site and sub domains. Here you can choose your blog title and essential credentials through (Click here to show more). Just scroll down and accept on automatically create a new database.
Learn Wordpress Step by Step

Wait for a while, because it works behind and once it completed you will receive this page.
Learn Wordpress Step by Step

Now it will gave you a link, through which you can login by your own username and password. At the beginning WordPress dashboard is little confusing but with the passage of time you will get used to it.

Install WordPress Using Fantastico

Fantastico is also a one-click installation process. Before installing WordPress you should check Softaculous icon on web-hosting site. The icon will be look like below. Just click on the icon.
Learn Wordpress Step by Step

Now it will lead you to the next page, where you have to click on blogs and select WordPress. Click on WordPress icon and it will leads you to install icon.
Learn Wordpress Step by Step

Here you will find a brief intro of the software. You should fill up all important information associated with your blog and then click on install button. You will prompt to a new page, where you can choose your domain name etc.
Learn Wordpress Step by Step

Here you should enter your site name with description and just leave WPMU Box, if you don't know any thing about it.
Learn Wordpress Step by Step

Now this page leads to your WordPress administration. Here you need to set your username and a strong password with your admin email.
Learn Wordpress Step by Step

Now just click on the install button and it will take some time for installation. Once you done with installation, just go to yourdomain.com/admin. Now you need to login to domain admin in order to get into your WordPress dashboard.

Should I Install WordPress In My Computer?

Well, there is a difference between installing WordPress in your computer and on your server. If you want to available your site to the rest of the world then you can use the above two methods to install WordPress. On the other hand, If you only want to see your site, then you should install WordPress on your site.

Monday (DAY 2)

WordPress in General

If you want to learn WordPress Step by Step, all you need to visit these three sites for more information, because these three sites got all relevant stuffs related to WordPress and its plugins. 

WordPress Codex 

Majority of bloggers are referring Codex as the Bible of WordPress and it is. It contains all information and solutions for both WordPress beginners and those in advanced level. If you need any kind of help related to your WordPress blog, all you need to visit this site, because it will quickly solve your problem. Your problems can be associated with Plugins, Theme Customization or any other issue, better to visit this site for help.

WordPress TV 

WordPress TV is another great side for visual learning. This is another great site for WordPress beginners. It contains lots of WordPress Tutorials and hours of presentations delivered on WordCamps. These presentations are based on many topics, such as SEO, WordPress Developers and Visual Editors etc.

WordPress Core

Andrew Nacin and Mark Jaquith are WordPress core developer experts, they have contributed an outstanding knowledge to the rest of the world. You can easily search video tutorials for your WordPress blog from this site. Secondly, if you want to contribute something for the WordPress, all you need to join this Make WordPress Core.
So, on the second day, we have learn all those WordPress sites which are beneficial for our blog. From If you need  any help you have to visit WordPress Codex, if you need Presentation and Guides, you need to visit WordPress TV or if you need video tutorials, you can visit WordPress Core.


WordPress Themes

Selecting WordPress Theme is the first customization on your site. Uploading a WordPress theme on your site is quite easy, all you need to go to themes, and click on upload. But make sure you have downloaded an XML theme file on your site. You can select theme from WordPress theme gallery as well.

How to Develop a WordPress Theme?

Secondly, If you want to develop your WordPress theme, you have to visit Theme Development on Codex. This Theme Development side is not only for beginners, if you know much about themes, you can still visit this site. Thirdly, if you want to keep your theme free from scratches and hacking, all you need to visit A Guide to WordPress Theme Development
Themes play an important role to visible your content in a better way, therefore you have to Develop Your First WordPress Theme Yourself. WordPress Theme Framework is full of WPTuts, where you can develop your theme according to your choice
So, on the third day, we have learned to customize theme in order to keep our site more attractive and responsive.



As we all know that, WordPress is a place of Plugins, through which you can customize your site in a better way. Plugins are an essential part of WordPress, better to use all essential plugins on your site. Secondly, if you want to Create a WordPress Plugin better to read this Article as well. These Plugins are mostly used on WordPress?
So, on fourth day we have learned all about WordPress Plugins.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Well, SEO is one of the best technique to visible your site on search engines. WordPress is best place to optimize your posts in a better way, because it is providing an easy excess to its users. You can use SEO by Yoast Plugin for optimization in WordPress. Secondly you can read My SEO Guide or a Guide by Moz for more information about SEOWPTuts got number of tutorials for beginners. 

Customization and Designing

Designing play an important role to visible your content in a better way. Therefore your blog's design should be responsive, clean and attractive for your visitors.

Structured Data

Structured Data is another latest trend started with a mission to make things easier for its users. Structured Data simply associates with a website and provide more details regarding to their addresses, places, products, events and biography etc. You can find all these features on Schema.org. Search engine give an importance to structured data, therefore it has created a Structured Data Testing Tool  to rank a site on search engine. If you want to include Structured Data on your site, then you have to add SEO by Yoast or login to Google Webmaster Tools and add biography, addresses, products and service on your site. If you not like SEO by Yoast, you can add Schema Creator Plugin on your WordPress blog to deal with Structured Data. This Plugin connect your site with Schema's micro-data.
Many newbies are not learn WordPress step by step and that's why they are unable to deliver their content in a better way. Icon Fonts an important factor in WordPress blog. Automatic had recently released Genericons icons. Genericons are actually vector icons, which can be used in web-font designing. It contains ninety four (94) embedded vector icons. You can run these sets through Webfont Generator at FontSquirrelbecause they are in OTF version. Some other fonts are also available on Font Squirrel .
Now you can easily add a Plugin to deal these icon fonts on your site. Just add Genericon'dPlugin  on your site and change icon fonts on your WordPress site. Or you can use Fontello to generate a custom icon for your site. Or you can use Inkscape or Community Icon Font  or IcoMoon Font as well for more Icon Fonts.

Create Multilingual Sites

WordPress is offering 76 languages on its platform. Therefore why not you are creating your site for more people instead to few. Adding another language in WordPress is quite easy, you have to just download the language file and install on the WordPress. If you want to offer your content in multiple languages other than English, all you need to add WordPress Multilingual Plugin 


WordPress Resources

At last you can keep yourself updated through different WordPress resources. Now you need WordPress' new center to upgrade your blog through latest innovations and techniques. You can update yourself with latest news through..
Torque and 
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How To Do Proper Google Keyword Research?

Google Keyword Research

Google keyword research plays an important role to visible your site on search engine, because search engine matches those keywords with search terms. A proper Google keyword research needs a proper search engine optimization Guide, through you can better understand search engine rules and regulation that, through which you can better understand how crawler rank a post on search engine?

How to do a proper Google keyword research?

First Thing First

Whenever you are going to write an article, first go to Google AdWord Keyword Planner and search keyword with different terms and find a keyword which has been more searched with low competition. For example, if you are searching for a keyword like "SEO" and you found a high traffic with high competition then you have to use another keyword with it, like "SEO Guide" or "SEOBasics" etc. Now you will find a result where you can get high search results with low competition. Just select those keywords. Now

Search on Google

Once you select a keyword, now come to Google and search your article's topic including keyword. Now you have to see the results with different words with that keyword. Here you have to choose those search words, which got less search results.
Keyword tail is another important part in SEO. Better to read above article, where you can find, which tail is better for SEO, Long Tail keyword or Short Tail keyword.

Now use this Keyword Technique

According to Moz keyword research team, they have given a chart, where you have to use those keywords, which you have selected before. They have given a chart which shows, where you have to use those keywords? Just use keywords according to this chart.

Keep Keyword Density between 2-5%

Many bloggers agree that, your keyword density should be between 2-5%, it means you don't have to over use those keywords on a single post.

Use Keywords on Heading Tags

Just use keywords on the headings of the article, such as in H1, H2, H3 etc, because when search engine crawl your post, it sees keywords on heading tags as well.

Use Keywords on Title and Meta Description

While posting an article, you should use keywords on blog title and meta description.

Use Keyword on the Picture and Alt Tag

Images play an important role to visible your site on search engine, therefore whenever you use an image, use keyword as its name as well as use on Alt Tag. Alt Tag is situated on image properties, while inserting the picture, click on the picture and then go to properties and write down the keyword on Alt Tag.

Use Headings, Roman and Bold the Keyword

While publishing an article make sure you have chosen Headings, Roman and Bold commands for the keywords. Make few keywords in Roman style, because search crawls like Roman style keywords.

Go one Step Further

Not only Google keyword research can visible your post on search engine, you need to get backlinks for it. Once you publish an article, you need to get backlinks for that post, because Google like backlinks. Now you have to comment on other websites and blogs, for that you have to search the same keywords on Google and open all those articles, which have been written on the same keyword. Just comment on those articles and past your post URL instead of website URL. Now you will get some backlinks and your article will visible on search engine.
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2.5 How Webmaster Tools Help To Understand SEO (SEO Guide)

Webmaster Tools Help To Understand SEO

Webmaster Tools Help To Understand SEO
Webmaster Tools are the best ally to understand SEO, because it gives you the information about search engine, how it interact with your blog?. The better you understand webmaster tools, the better results you get from search engine. For example through search queries you can easily understand your posts, where it lies on search engine, because it gives the ranking information of the posts on search engine. If you haven't submitted your blog to webmaster tools yet, better to submit your blog to Google, Bing and Yahoo webmaster tools.
 Submit your Blogger Blog to Bing and Yahoo Webmaster Tools

How to Understand Webmaster Tools For SEO?

1- Notify About Spamy Warnings and Other Messages

Whenever any problems occurs Google always send an email to webmaster tools. These mails are very important to figure out your blog's daily happenings. Every piece of information is beneficial for your blog, therefore always check your webmaster tools inbox.  
Webmaster Tools spamy warnings

2- Search Queries

It shows keyword rankings, organic searches, click-through rate (CTR) on search engine. Search queries are the best way to know your posts ranking on search engine.
Webmaster Tools search queries

3- Traffic Information

It will tell you the individual page ranking of your blog, through which you can easily identify content's ranking, CTR for each page and average traffic coming to your site.
Webmaster Tools traffic information

4- Crawl Stats

Google crawler crawls your pages everyday and give information about kilobytes downloaded per day etc. If your site is crawled daily, it means Google is interested to check out your blog content.
Webmaster Tools crawl status

5- Most Searched Keywords

Through webmaster tools you can easily predict, which keywords are mostly searched on your blog. It can tell you which keyword is relevant and also provide keyword metrics for each and every traffic getting pages.
Webmaster Tools most searched keywords

6- Blocked URLS

Webmaster tools can also give an information about those URLs which have been blocked by robots.txt. Google will popup blocked URLs on your site and once you see such kind of blocked URLs, just click on it and unblock it.
Webmaster Tools blocked URLs

7- Indexed Status

Indexed status is a nice tool to know about your blog URLs, either they have been indexed or not.  If you want to know indexed status of your blog URLs, just submit your blog to webmaster tools and check it.
Webmaster Tools indexed status

8- Links To your Blog

As we know that, if we include too much anchor text in a keyword we will get an algorithmic penalty. Therefore it's better to know who links to your blog. Webmaster tools has a tool where you can find all those links which were pointed to your site.
Webmaster Tools links to your blog

9- Sitemaps

Sitemaps is another important factor to submit an image sitemap, video sitemap, mobile sitemap or news sitemap. Always check this area and submit your blog sitemap to webmaster tools.
Webmaster Tools sitemaps

10- Site Performance

Site performance will tell you about your blogs statistics such as loading speed etc. If your site has slow speed, your traffic may drop, because visitors bounce back very quickly. Many blogger don't know what is their blogs loading speed? don't worry webmaster tools will let you know, what is the loading speed of your page.
Webmaster Tools site performance
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How To Increase Blog Traffic

increase blog traffic

Building a blog is not a difficult job but increase blog traffic is hard and difficult. Therefore you need to increase blog traffic in order to make money online, because more traffic means more revenue, more revenue means more income and wise versa. This article will illustrate the most important factors, through which you can increase blog traffic to your blog.

Create quality of content and update often

Content is king, therefore try to create unique and quality of content on your blog. Content is the main thing, which brings more users and more money. Not only quality of content can increase blog traffic you need to update your site often. Atleast you should write two articles within a week. 

Use SEO Techniques To Increase Blog Traffic

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most powerful tool to visible your site on search engine. With proper keywords research plus quality content, you can bring organic traffic to your site. Therefore you should know "How to do proper SEOon your site?” In SEO keywords play an important role, therefore you should also know "Which keyword is better for your site, long tails keywords or short tail keywords?”  

Submit your site to Google, Bing, and Yahoo Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tool is a great tool to know about your blog traffic; therefore you should know "How to submit your site to Google, Bing, and Yahoo Webmaster Tools?” If you submit your site to those websites then their search engines will index your site and through which you can get more organic traffic.

Comment on other blogger

Commenting is another great technique to bring users from other blogs, therefore try to be to comment on other top high page rank sites. You cannot imagine the power of commenting, one quality comment can bring hundreds of new users to your site. In some blogs, you have seen while commenting, it automatically adds your latest post as well, therefore tries to comment on high page rank websites and blogs.

Increase Blog Traffic through Social Networks

Social Networks are the best platforms to advertise your posts. You have to advertise your blog in every platform, such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon Pinterest etc. You cannot imagine the power of the social media; it can spread your posts and your blog to the rest of the world. Better to read "How to get 100 likes in Facebook within week  days?" So above were some techniques through which you can increase blog traffic. If you got some other techniques you can share via comment
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3 Best In-Text Advertising Networks

In-Text Advertising Networks

In-text advertising networks are the best advertising network in the blogging community, because they look like wordings (text) and clicked mistakenly by the visitors as well. This article will illustrate 3 best in-text advertising networks, through which you can maximize your earning with less traffic.


In-Text Advertising Networks
Nowadays majority of bloggers are using Infolinks. Their way of displaying ads are different from other networks. Previously I have earned a decent amount of money from Infolinks on my other site. Well, according to my experience Infolinks are on the top in In-Text ads, because they are sharing their 70% of revenue with publishers. They are offering numbers of advertising programs, such as In-Text Links, Intag ads, Inframe ads and Insearch ads etc. Whenever you use this network, I will suggest you to use minimum 2- 3 In-Text links on each page, because they are offering maximum 12. There are many in-text advertising networks but I like infolinks. 
Minimum withdraw via PayPal
Minimum withdraw via Wire Transfer
Payout Time
Net 45
Program Offer
Cost Per Click
Global Alexa Rank


In-Text Advertising Networks
Kontera is also known as Amobee. It offers variety of ads, like In-Text Ads, web ads, mobile content ads, content syndication and desktop ads etc. In-Text Ads are best amongst the other; you can use this platform to generate some money. You have to just sign up and activate your content with relevant ads from amobee. A part from in-text advertising ads, it got banner ads as well. 
Minimum withdraw via PayPal
Minimum withdraw via Wire Transfer
Payout Time
Net 45
Program Offer
Cost Per Click
Global Alexa Rank

Built In Text

In-Text Advertising Networks
Builtintext is another in-text advertising network for the bloggers. It all depends on your CTR, through which you can maximize your revenue. It shares 30% of its revenue with his publishers. You can try builtinTEXT advertising solutions today and see the difference for yourself. Builtintext is specially designed for Blogger and WordPress platforms. 
Minimum withdraw via PayPal
Minimum withdraw via Wire Transfer
Payout Time
Net 45
Program Offer
Cost Per Click
Global Alexa Rank
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