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Google Keyword Research

Google keyword research plays an important role to visible your site on search engine, because search engine matches those keywords with search terms. A proper Google keyword research needs a proper search engine optimization Guide, through you can better understand search engine rules and regulation that, through which you can better understand how crawler rank a post on search engine?

How to do a proper Google keyword research?

First Thing First

Whenever you are going to write an article, first go to Google AdWord Keyword Planner and search keyword with different terms and find a keyword which has been more searched with low competition. For example, if you are searching for a keyword like "SEO" and you found a high traffic with high competition then you have to use another keyword with it, like "SEO Guide" or "SEOBasics" etc. Now you will find a result where you can get high search results with low competition. Just select those keywords. Now

Search on Google

Once you select a keyword, now come to Google and search your article's topic including keyword. Now you have to see the results with different words with that keyword. Here you have to choose those search words, which got less search results.
Keyword tail is another important part in SEO. Better to read above article, where you can find, which tail is better for SEO, Long Tail keyword or Short Tail keyword.

Now use this Keyword Technique

According to Moz keyword research team, they have given a chart, where you have to use those keywords, which you have selected before. They have given a chart which shows, where you have to use those keywords? Just use keywords according to this chart.

Keep Keyword Density between 2-5%

Many bloggers agree that, your keyword density should be between 2-5%, it means you don't have to over use those keywords on a single post.

Use Keywords on Heading Tags

Just use keywords on the headings of the article, such as in H1, H2, H3 etc, because when search engine crawl your post, it sees keywords on heading tags as well.

Use Keywords on Title and Meta Description

While posting an article, you should use keywords on blog title and meta description.

Use Keyword on the Picture and Alt Tag

Images play an important role to visible your site on search engine, therefore whenever you use an image, use keyword as its name as well as use on Alt Tag. Alt Tag is situated on image properties, while inserting the picture, click on the picture and then go to properties and write down the keyword on Alt Tag.

Use Headings, Roman and Bold the Keyword

While publishing an article make sure you have chosen Headings, Roman and Bold commands for the keywords. Make few keywords in Roman style, because search crawls like Roman style keywords.

Go one Step Further

Not only Google keyword research can visible your post on search engine, you need to get backlinks for it. Once you publish an article, you need to get backlinks for that post, because Google like backlinks. Now you have to comment on other websites and blogs, for that you have to search the same keywords on Google and open all those articles, which have been written on the same keyword. Just comment on those articles and past your post URL instead of website URL. Now you will get some backlinks and your article will visible on search engine.

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  1. Really this is very great information sharing with us..Thanks lot.Examhelpline.in

  2. My some blog posts appear in first page of google search results. I didn't do any keyword research. I did keyword research for some posts. But those posts are not appear in search results. I think keyword research is not necessary.


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