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Three Things I hate About Blogging

things I hate about blogging
Couple of years ago, I was not aware about blogging. At that time, every blogger was persuading me for blogging. Most of bloggers were saying that, you can make money online through a blog by sitting on your home. I was so excited that, I can make money online and become a millionaire but when I started blogging I realize that, to make money from your blog is not an easy job. I faced number of problems, like
Which platform is best for blogging, Blogger or WordPress?
Secondly, In WordPress I get confused between WordPress.Com vs, when I selected, I face monetization problem and moved my blog to to Therefore I hate few things about blogging such as.

1- It Takes Time To Make Money Online

According to my experience, you cannot make money online within your first 5 months (Even More), because your blog is at initial stages and also you are unaware about many things like
Keyword Research
And Most Important
The second thing I hate about blogging is

2- Consistency/Daily Update

There are 35 million blogs on the internet and each day millions of new blogs are being created around the world. Within a year 70% of bloggers give up or delete their blogs. It means only 30% bloggers are showing consistency. I hate it too, because to show a consistency on your blog is a difficult job. You have to update your blog each day but sometime our personal responsibilities are restricting us to act in a certain way.

3. To Visible Your Blog On Search Engine

Majority of bloggers are creating blogs in order to make money online but it all depends on your blog’s traffic. Getting traffic to your blog is another most difficult thing in blogging, because there are millions of blogs out there, who are also writing on the same stuff you are writing. Therefore you will face many difficulties in order to visible your site on search engines like Google. It all depends on the SEO, through which you can better optimize your site for search engines. SEO is not an easy job as bloggers are describing. First, you need to do a keyword research and select a less competition keyword. Once you publish that article, you need to get backlinks, because search engines see number of backlinks, which are pointed to that article or site. Not only backlinks can visible your site on search engine, there are number of other factors, such as quality of an article, domain author, keywords etc. Now it's your turn to share your experience about your blogging journey so far. 
Tuesday, February 9, 2016
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