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Nowadays freelancers are making handsome amount of money from Fiverr and Upwork. A freelancer is a person, who provides his services online for money. If you are a freelancer or you want to become a successful freelancer, all you need to become habitual of these techniques.

1. Respond to Your Clients

According to my experience as a freelancer, you have to respond to your client, as quickly as you can, because late replies can direct client’s attention to another freelancer. Therefore you should always logged-in for a quick reply.

2. Ask Doubted Questions Earlier

Well this happened with me on Fiverr. I wrote an article for a guy and when I submitted to him, he said you have written a lengthy article make it short. I thought it would be better for him to write a brief and detail article but it react vice versa. As we all know that, Google like long and well explained articles, which should contain 500-800 words. The guy freaks me out and said make it short to 300 words. I finally summarized it and make it in 300 words. Now I learned from my past experience that, you should ask doubted questions earlier, because it clears the confusion between you and your client.

3. Clear Information

As we know that, we cannot rely 100% on internet information, because majority of freelancer have created fake account. Clear information means, you have to give your bio data as it is, because if you fake it, the client might not show an interest to hire you.

4.  Deadline

In freelancing jobs, deadline means to do a work on time otherwise your client's attention might divert to another freelancer. Your client will be more comfortable, when he sees a deadline on a job.

5. Be Proactive

Proactive means, you should take your work professionally and respond to your clients. Be proactive on forums, Facebook groups, high page rank sites and highest earning sites etc.

6. Listen To Your Client  

Yes, you should listen to your client, because you are working for him. When you listen to your client, you will know what he wants from you. Therefore listen to your client and then respond.

7. Little Extra To Every Job

As we all know that, in online earning, people wants an extra effect for a job. Therefore always do some extra work to impress your client. You should not charge anything, when you do some extra work. It will increase your reputation in freelancing sphere.

8. Show Past Experience

You cannot imagine the power of experience, because a client sees your past experience while making an order. In online jobs, majority of freelancers are describing their past experience, in order to get a job. Therefore you should also include your experience in order to get a better job. Such as




Job Experience

Other relevant documents etc.

9. Clear With The Rate

Well, this is the most important thing of all, because at the end money matters. Therefore you should clearly define your rate. When you define your rate, it will be easier for your client to decide, either he wants to work with you or not. According to my experience in freelancing, majority of clients are seeing your rate before make an order.

10. Make Complete Portfolio

Making a complete profile is another important factor of successful freelancers. Successful freelancers always complete their profiles and portfolios, because clients are checking a profile before make an order.

11. Ask Yourself

Well, this should be interesting to know yourself; I mean you have to ask some questions to yourself. Sucha as
Why people will select you as a freelancer?
Do you know your work?
Are you going to deliver your work on time?
Are you an expert of your work?

12. People Love Discounts

Most of freelancers are adopting this technique, they simply offer a discount for their clients, through which both the parties are getting better-off. In discounting both the parties are getting better-off, because a freelancer gets his amount and a client gets discount for the work.  

13. Thanks Letter

Thanks letter is also important, because it shows that, you are ending work professionally. It will impress your client and will come back soon with any other project.

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