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who can earn more money from internet
Well, this question is quite tricky to answer, who can earn more money from internet? A Blogger Or A Freelancer?. As we know that, earn money from internet is possible but it's quite difficult to select best online work for yourself, which can generate more revenue. Therefore, I thought to compare two best online platforms to figure out, either a blogger can earn more or a freelancer? or should I become a blogger or a freelancer to make money online. So let's see a comparison between a blogger and a freelancer.

Should I become a blogger to make money online?

To become a blogger you need to create a blog and write articles on selected niche. Niche play an important role for a blogger, therefore always select a niche, which you like and where your interest lie. You can create a blog on the following most popular niches.
Social Media (Facebook, Google, Twitter etc)
Business and Finance
Fashion and Designing
Online Buying and Selling Products
Product Reviews
Movies and Music
Web Design and Web Development
Create a Forum etc.
A blogger can make money by creating a blog and publishing articles. At initial stages a blogger is facing certain problems. Such as
To select a best platform is the most difficult part in blogging
Then, a blogger have to select a responsive theme and also have to design his blog well in order to display his blog content in a better way
When a blogger is going to make money online, after creating a blog?
Well, it varies among blogger to blogger but according to my experience, a blogger can't make money during its initial 5-8 months. It's because, a blogger have to bring traffic through on-page and off-page SEO techniques. Bringing more traffic to a new blog is quite difficult, because of competition. Bringing traffic from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter is quite easy but that traffic is always less than search engine traffic. Therefore a blogger needs to know all those best and worst practicesof SEO in order to visible his blog on search engine.

How much a blogger can earn money online?

You will amaze to see all top 10 highest earning blogs on theinternet, because you cannot make as much money during your entire life as a blogger earns within a month. A blogger's earning depends on number of visitors to its site plus monetization techniques. Those blogs which were accepted by Google AdSense can earn decent amount of money but many bloggerhate Google AdSense due to its strict rules and regulations. Well, you don't need to hate AdSense, because there are 10 other best alternatives ofGoogle AdSense to make money online.


Well, at initial stages a blogger can earn less but with the passage of time, if he show consistency he can earn up to 6 figures.

Should I become a freelancer to make money online?

To become a freelancer, you must have skills and interests in these fields.
IT and Software
Mobile Phones and Computing
Design, Media and Architecture
Writing and Content
Data Entry and Admin
Engineering and Science
Translation and Languages
Business, Accounting and Human Resources
Product Sourcing and Manufacturing
Local Jobs and Services
Graphics and Designing
Web Development
Tutorials and Video Editing
Online Survey
There are so many online places for a freelancer to make money from internet.
At initial stages a freelancer can face difficulties to attract more clients, because it's quite difficult to make a profile, which can be recognizable globally. Secondly, some clients are not paying money after work done. Thirdly, once you have done a project, you have to search for other jobs. It means most of freelancer jobs are contract basis, they are not permanent and once the contract finished, you have to search for other jobs online. 

How much a Freelancer can make money online?

Well, it also depends on a freelancer, because an expert freelancer can earn more than a newbie or wise versa.


According to my experience with online earning, a blogger can earn more than a freelancer. At initial stage a freelancer can earn more than a blogger, but with the passage of time a blogger can earn more than a freelancer. In freelancer, there is more change of fraud and uncertainty, while in blogging there is less chance of fraud in payments etc. If you are unable to earn money from your blog within first 2 years, you better switch to freelancer. If you are not hired by any client as a freelancer, better to start your own blog to make money from internet. 

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