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Write a blog post fast and furious
As we all know that, showing a consistency in blogging is quite difficult, because you have to update your blog each day. On the other hand if you are writing a blog post fast and furious, then you can easily update your blog. Today I am going to give you 15 tips, through which you can write a blog post fast and furious.
1. First of all, make a schedule for each and every post you are going to write near future
2. I have seen, professional writers are making a tea or a coffee before start writing an article
3. Search your topic on search engine and open at least 5 tabs
4. Just go through it and read thoroughly all opened tabs and get an idea on your mind
5. Now make an outline for your article, which includes
Introduction part
Facts and Figures
Conclusion etc.
6. Now just start your introduction with a quote or something interesting
7. Don't think to0 much just write and don't think about errors and grammatical mistakes, because it will be cover in proofreading
8. Focus on your article and write in sequence
9. Use all those mostly searched keywords on your article
10 .If your typing speed is slow, just write down on a white paper and make it readable through a mobile or a software. For example Samsung Galaxy S4 is converting written text into soft form (wording).
11. Learn how to type fast?
12. Try to write an article at night or early in the morning, because at day time you will be disturbed
13. Don't do any other work along writing, because it might divert your attention
14. Don't take a break, unless your article will not completed
15. In order to keep your article error free, just do proofreading.

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  1. Great Post. I like This Post Title

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