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Because, Google AdSense is the best advertising program on the internet. Many bloggers think that, AdSense has many other alternatives but I don't think so. You will amaze to see that, many bloggers hate Google AdSense, because of its strict rules and regulations. Why bloggers hate Google AdSense? it's because they are not finding any other perfect alternative of AdSense. Today I am going to convince you that, AdSense is the best advertising network online.

Why Google AdSense has no perfect alternatives? BECAUSE

1. Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is high

As we know that, AdSense is offering Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising program. On top niches, AdSense is even paying more than $100 on each click. therefore many bloggers are curious to approve their sites on AdSense.

How CPC work in AdSense?

AdSense is paying money for its publisher for each valid click. It means, whenever a visitor clicks on AdSense's ad, a percentage is automatically being added to publisher account.

Highest paying AdSense's keywords include

AdSense Has No Perfect Alternative

AdSense Has No Perfect Alternative

AdSense Has No Perfect Alternative

AdSense Has No Perfect Alternative

2. Use browser cookies to display relevant ads

Secondly, Google is using browser cookies and browser history in order to display relevant ads for its users. It means, whenever a visitor visits an AdSense enable site, Google automatically read browser's history and display searched item or relevant ads, through which both the parties are getting better-off. A visitor will find his/her interested content on internet and the publisher will maximize his/her profit.

3. Developed countries click-through-rate is higher than developing countries

It means, an American visitor's click can generate more revenue than an Indian visitor's click. If your site is getting decent amount of traffic from developed countries, you can generate handsome amount of money from your blog. Therefore, try to increase traffic from developed countries and maximize your earning with AdSense.

4. No payment issues

AdSense has no perfect alternative because of its payment facilities. All you need to give your account's information and then on each month, your earnings will be automatically transferred to your account. But you will face many problems in other advertising networks. Therefore you should also apply for AdSense's Advertising Program. 

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