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If your site is not accepted by Google AdSense, you don't have to worry about it, because there are 10 other best alternatives of Google AdSense and also you can get an advertiser on your site with these 7 different ways. Your earning depends on an advertiser, therefore always select your advertiser very carefully.
1. Use "Advertise with Us" link on your site: There are companies who are looking to advertise their product online. Therefore you need to add an "Advertise with Us" menu on your blog. Majority of companies got few requirements to advertise their products on your site. If companies are not contacting you, you can directly contact different companies and leave your proposal. You will probably thinking, what are those requirements to get an advertiser?.
Well, first of all they are looking for a niche, which is mostly searched on internet, therefore you should work on a great niche
Secondly, your site should get 70% of traffic from search engine
Thirdly you are getting more than 4-5K daily traffic on your site
You should disclose your blog details on "Advertise with Use" page. Such as
Google Page Rank
Daily/Monthly Visitors
Daily/Monthly Page Views
Bounce Rate
Alexa Rank etc.
2. Advertise an affiliate product: According to my experience, this is the easiest way to make money online, because all you need to embed a javascripted code on your site and promote an affiliate product. If you don't know making money with affiliate products, all you need to read "How tomake money with affiliate products?".
3. Advertise with top text link ads: Text link ads are another great content ads for your blog, because they look like content and people mistakenly click on those links. Text link ads are best fit for those blogs and websites, which got lots of content on their site. The more content they got, they better they will earn with text link ads.
4. Advertise with top CPC advertising networks: CPC advertising programs pay money on each click on your ad. Cost per click (CPC) is best fit for clickable sites, such as downloads, videos, links etc. AdSense got CPC advertising program, therefore blogs which got AdSense's ads on their site can earn better than others. But majority of blogger hate Google AdSense due to its strict rules and regulation. 
5. Advertise with top CPM advertising networks: Cost Per Mile (CPM) advertising networks are different from CPC networks, because in CPM they are paying money on every 1000 impression with clicks. If your site is getting more than 5K daily traffic from search engine, you can earn better with CPM ads, because the more impression your site gets, the more revenue you collect.
6. Advertise with top Pop-Up advertising networks: Pop-up advertising networks deals with pop-up ads, in which they got pop-under and pop-up ads. Pop-up ads are best fit for online streaming websites for sports etc. In Pop-up advertising networks Infolinks are on the top, because it got the best Pop-up ad units.

7. Advertise with Top banner advertising networks: Nowadays banner ads are mostly used ads on the internet, because pictures speak louder than words. Secondly, people clicks more on banner ads as well, because advertising networks search for cooking on your browser and display ads according to your interest. 

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