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WordPress Video Plugins
Vimeo is another great site to share your videos online. If you are creating video tutorials or you want to share professional videos associated with your website and business, all you need to add these 3 best videos plugins on your WordPress site. Adding Vimeo videos on WordPress site is quite easy, all you need to install these best videos plugins on your site. So let's jump to see all those videos plugins.

1. Simple Vimeo Shortcode

Simple Vimeo Shortcode is an amazing plugin to add Vimeo videos on your WP site. It actually provides you a javascripted code, all you need to add that code on your site, where you want to visible it. Secondly, you can customize its width and height according to your blog requirements.

2. Video Capture

Video Capture is actually a button, which can be used while recording a video, all you need to add this button on your site, where you want to visible it. It also activates the visitors webcam camera. You can give incentives for your visitors to record a video on your site, through which you can get lots of videos. Once a video is completed it will not shared unless an administration approval. This is a great technique to engage your reader on your blog and make videos free online.

3. Workbox Video From Vimeo Plugin

If you want to create a video gallery all you need to add Workbox Video Plugin on your site. Through this plugin, you can add videos from Vimeo, Youtube and many other video channels. The video gallery can be set according to your preferences. You can add interest videos on the top of the gallery as well. 

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