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Gain RSS Subscribers
RSS (Rich Site Summary) is also known as Really Simple Syndication, which is being used to update information. An RSS subscriber can easily get latest updates from a website by simply subscribing. You should gain RSS subscribers for your blog in order to gain main traffic to yourblog. Therefore today I am going to give you 25 different ways to gain RSS Subscribers. Before going to see all those ways, better to submit your blog to RSS Feed Burner, in order to get the RSS feed burner id and icon.
1. Add a big RSS icon on your site
2. Display RSS Icon on each page
3. WordPress users can use "FeedSmith Plugin"
4. Offer email subscription option on your site
5. Encourage readers to subscribe
6. Make RSS accessible in few steps
7. Use orange color RSS icon
8. Update your blog often
10 . Do guest posting
11. Submit your articles to RSS directories
Top RSS Feed directories include
12. Do "Give Away Offers" and ask to subscribe in order to download it
13. Launch an email list through Aweber
14. Offer popular articles with feeds
15. Use pop-ups for RSS subscription
16. Write a small description that subscribing is free
17. Draw attention through RSS animation
18. Send email to your friends and families to subscribe
19. Add a section for commenting feeds
20. Check your feed often and encourage new subscribers
21. Recover all your unverified emails
22. Do reciprocity with other blogs (Exchange offer)
23. Ask your friends and families to recommend your site
24. Locate your subscription bar on right top
25. Apply all above techniques in order to gain RSS subscribers 

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