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Tools to create infographics
Do you want to present your content in a better way? THEN, all you need to use these best free tools to create infographics for your site. Infographics play an important role to deliver your message in an attractive and better manner. So let's jump to see all those top 11 free tools to create infographics online. 

1. Infogr.am

Infogr.am is an excellent choice to create infographics online. This website is pretty famous, containing 9400 Facebook followers with 1200 Google plus followers. Creating an infograph on this site is quite easy. You can create an infograph within three easy steps.
1. You have to choose a template of your choice
2. Secondly, you have to visualize your data
3. And then, you have to publish and save your data.
Charts and Graphs of this site include
Bar graph will help you to create comparison between things etc.
Line graph will help you to create a lengthy data etc.
Area graph will help you to create share of a particular thing etc.
Map graph will help you to create geographic differences etc.
Global Alexa Rank: 14,698
Monthly Visitors: 1 Million


Visual.ly is created in order to visualize your content and graphics in a better way. Their motto is to "create high quality visual content delivered at a low cost". This site is working on variety of features. Such as
Web Design
Social Media etc.
Global Alexa Rank: 5,259
Monthly Visitors: 990K


Piktochart contains great tools to create infographics for free. More than 2,500,000 people have already used Piktochart to create graphics for their site. I think this figure has given you a comfort to use Piktochart to create infographics for your blog.
How to get started?
Well, this site is giving an easy way to create infographs in just 4 steps.
1. Create a free account on Piktochart
2. Choose a template of your choice
3. Customize your content and preview to see
4. And save your content or publish your creation.
Global Alexa Rank: 5,488
Monthly Visitors: 2.6 Million


Easel.ly got 800,000 users, who have created 1 million infographics. This site was founded in 2012 and within a limit duration it has captured the infographic market. This site got multiple templates, through which you can easily create your desired infographs.
Login or Register to Easel.ly
Create infographics online
Global Alexa Rank: 20,761
Monthly Visitors: 750K


Vizualize.me say "Visualize your resume in one click" and "Create  your infographic resume for free". If you are facing problems to create a resume, all you need to visit this site, because more than 500,000 infographics have been created till now. This site further says "Our vision is to help people turn their education, skills and experience into opportunities".
How it works
First of all you have to Sign-up for this site
Secondly, you have to select a theme
Thirdly, you have to preview your infographics
At the end, you have to just save your data.
Global Alexa Rank: 63,381
Monthly Visitors: 170K

6. Dipity

Dipity is another excellent graphic tool to create infographics. The beauty about this site is that, you can easily add MS Excel and CSV files to this site. Creating an infograph on this site is quite easy. Secondly, you can publish that info into Facebook, Youtube, Google Plus, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger etc.
Global Alexa Rank: 29,356
Monthly Visitors: 290K

7. iCharts

iCharts platform empowers rapid visualization of complex business information, through different iChart features. This site is providing solutions for business and marketing, through its cloud based features. Such as
Cloud Native
Real-Time Data
360-Degree view etc.
Global Alexa Rank: 268,873
Monthly Visitors: 35K

8. What About Me

WhatAboutMe is an infographic generator created by Intel. It is all about an infographic of your social media life. Through WhatAboutMe you can make infographs of your life's daily happening. If you want to spread color infographics on your social circles, like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, all you need to use WhatAboutMe app on your PC. Through WhatAboutMe, you can create.
Bar Graphs
Line Graphs
Summary Stats etc.
Global Alexa Rank: 983
Monthly Visitors: 130K

9. Tableau

Tableau is another great software to create infographics for free.
Graphic visualization tools of this site include
Heat map showing density of an activity
Bar Chart can be used for comparison
Line graph can be used to show ups and downs in a data
Venn diagram can be used to show associations etc.
Global Alexa Rank: 6,188
Monthly Visitors: 3 Million


Venngage says " Make beautiful infographics for free, create beautiful infographics, reports, or data visualization through thousands of different ways. To make an infograph with Vennage is quite easy, all you need to drag and drop your data and it will present your content in a better way. This site contain lots of graphic features, such as.
Line Chart
Area Line Chart
Smooth Line
Pie Chart
Stacked Bar Chart
Multi-Series Chart
Summary Stats etc.
Global Alexa Rank: 64,636
Monthly Visitors: 220K

11. OmniGraffle

OmniGraffle is that kind of tool, which can be customized by yourself and create your infographics for free with editing. This application is best fit for desktop computers. This tool is like Photoshop, where you can edit and make graphs of your choice. Through OmniGraffle you can create.
Cartoons etc.
Global Alexa Rank: 22,732
Monthly Visitors: 820K

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  1. Hey

    What an amazing blog!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing such a useful blog. I agree with your opinion that Tableau is a great software to create infographics. I often use it to represent my organisational data into pictorial form such as Heat maps, bar charts, line graphs and Venn diagrams.

    But after reading yoyr blog I will surely give Visual.ly a try in order to visualize my content and graphics in a better way.


    1. Yeah Visual.ly is a great site to create info-graphics


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