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I like commentluv and intensedebate
First of all, I personally like Commentluv and Intensedebate, because of do-follow advantage. Secondly, Intensedebate will publish your comment without approval or moderation and Commentluv will display your latest article. Many bloggers have added Commentluv and Intensedebate on their blogs to get more comments and backlinks. As you are familiar about backlinks, which are an important factor to visible your site on search engine. Bloggers love Commentluv and Intensedebate, because they get backlinks from these sites. If you want to get backlinks for your site, all you need to comment on Commentluv and Intensedebate enable sites. 

How to get backlinks?

Whenever you publish an article, first share it on social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. Secondly, you have to comment on Commentluv and Intensedebate sites to get backlinks. For example, if you have published an article like "Best and worst practice of SEO". Now you have to comment on all SEO articles which were written on Commentluv and Intensedebate enable sites.
How to get 300 backlinks with these 30 ways?

Why I like Commentluv and Intensedebate

ü  Because they belief in do-follow links
ü  You can paste URL of your blog on those sites
ü  Commentluv and Intensedebate visitors can get back to your site
ü  You will get lots of backlinks
ü  Commentluv and Intensedebate enable sites are a source of advertising your site

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    1. Thanks for commenting

    2. It is great Honor for to share my comment with you.

  2. Great to see more plugins coming onstream.

    On the issue of no follow, there is pretty strong evidence that Google does, in fact, follow links even when they are no follow, giving some amount of Page rank to sites that have a lot of no follow links pointing at them. Yes, this pretty much defeats the purpose of nofollow, but Google has probably calculated that ignoring it helps make their index more accurate. I would guess that Google awardsless Pagerank for nofollow links, but it does seem to award something, people are getting measurable results.

    Worth bearing in mind, anyway.

  3. Hi Blogger Wits. People love to comment in commentLuv Blog because it can give us a good backlink. But getting backlink from commentLuv is really hard because the blog owner will moderate our comment.


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