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click on your own ads
As we know that, bloggers make money from their ads. Therefore ads play an important role to generate money from your site. Now you have to learn all rules and regulations to display an ad on your site. In this article, I am going to talk about all those advertisement programs, which are paying money on pay-per-click bases. You will amazed to see, what would happen, if you click on your own ads?.
ü  First of all, you cannot click on your own ads to generate more revenue, because
ü  Each click send an IP address to that advertising website, through which they can easily trace your location
ü  Secondly, immediately after couple of clicks from same IP address, advertising website will ban your site or it will not count as a valid click
ü  You can click on same ads from different IP addresses
ü  Advertising sites also check location for a particular click, because if you are continuously clicking from same location, they will simply ban your site
ü  Visitors who are coming from developed countries have high PPC than visitors coming from developing countries
ü  An American visitor's click can generate more revenue rather than Indian visitor, because he is from developed country and on the other site the visitor is from developing country
ü  Don't ask your friends and family to click on your ads, because they might click more than you thought.

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