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Google has changed the life style of the human beings, today one can watch every event anywhere in the world. People are solving their problems on their finger tips. You can get information of the world in a mini laptop and this all credit goes to Google. Now Google become a member of our family and we cannot deny its importance. As it is the largest website on the planet therefore the interaction of people is increasing day-by-day. As it was launched in 1997 by two great Stanford University PHD students and these great innovators are  Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Initially, it was a research project to gather worldwide information but later on they have transformed this information to a reliable source.  So let's jump to see Top 50 facts and figures about Google.
1. Google was launched in 1997 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin
2. Google.com is on number 1 in worldwide ranking
3. Amount of monthly searches on Google is about 12 billion
4. 1.18 billion unique searches per month
5. US search market share 68% 
6. 188 million unique visitors per month
7. 5000 reconsideration requests per week
8. In 1996, it was began as a research project
9. First domain Google.com was launched in 1997
10. Sun Microsystems co founder Benchtolsheim funded $100,000 at the beginning 
11. In 1999 George the CEO for excite refuse to buy Google for $1 million
12. Google Incorporate was launched in 1998
13. In 1998 only 30 million pages was indexed but within two year the number increased to 1 billion. In 2004 8 billion pages were indexed
14. Google launched Blogger and AdSense in 2003
15. While Gmail launched in 2004
16. Gmail users are 147 million
17. In 2008 Google Chrome was launched 
18. In 2007 Android was announced
19. Youtube was acquired in 2006 for $1.65 billion
20. Youtube captured 39.4% market shares 
21. In 2008 1 trillion pages were indexed
22. Google is running 1 million computer servers around the world
23. Google has captured 85% of global search market
24. 1 billion searches per day on Google
25. Daily page views on Google is about 7.3 billion
26. While monthly worldwide searches are 88 billion
27. 621 million daily visitors 
28. $19 million revenue was collected in 2000
29. While in 2009 it was increased to $23 billion
30. In which profit was $6.6 billion
31. Advertising revenue is about 97%
32. Google got 19,000 employees
33. In which 37% are researched staff and 37% are sales staff
34. 57% of 10,000 websites are using Google Analytics
35. It contain 100 million activated android devices
36. In which each day 400,000 new android devices are being active
37. More than 200,999 Apps are available for android mobiles
38. More than 300,000 words are written on blogger within a minute 
39. Till now 5 billion Apps have been installed on androids
40. Google android contain 34% of the smart phone market shares
41. Google's first Tweet was "I'm 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010." It was written in binary number and it mean "I'm feeling lucky". 
42. It logo was not on the center position until 2001, it was on left side
43. Google places are known as Googleplex, combination of word Google and Complex
44. Google has a personal dinosaur at California headquarters 
45. A Googler officer can wear anything he wants, it has no dress code
46. 60% Google Plus users are login daily while 80% within a week
47. Google Plus cost $586 million build by 500 employees
48. About 30% posts are not posted again
49. It has attracted 400 million users in 2012 
50. Every day about 625,454 users on Google Plus

Source: These facts and figures are taken from Jeffbullas, Hugingtonpost and Mashable websites. 

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