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Your blog's earning depends on the number of visitors you got on your blog. The more traffic you got, the more revenue you will collect. Therefore try to get more traffic on your blog through these 51 ways. More traffic means more clicks and more clicks mean more revenue and more revenue means more profit. So let's see all those 51 ways through which you can get more traffic on your blog.
1. Update your blog often
2. Share on social network sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumble Upon etc
3. Comment on other blogs
5. Participate in forms
7. Participate in Facebook groups
8. Submit your articles to top directories
9. Submit your site in Reddit
10. Do Guest blogging in top sites
11. Link your site in dead link of Wikipedia
12. Give away premium plugins and themes for free
13. Give away an eBook
14. Write controversial articles
15. Create a video, it bring more traffic than articles
16. Do proper SEO on your site
17. Select an attractive theme to reduce your bounce rate
20. Make step-by-step tutorial to get more traffic
21. Write on most searched articles on internet
22. Criticize a blog or a website
23. Review a product or a blog
24. Give ways to make money online
25. Do proper keyword research
26. Share interesting videos and pictures on Facebook page
27. Make good relations with bloggers on internet
posting timing more than once include chart
29. Start a contest
30. Submit your blog to feed directories
31. Advertise your blog on television
32. Advertise your blog on local cable
33. Advertise your blog on local FM
34. Advertise your blog on newspaper
36. Participate in Yahoo question answer page
37. Interview a top blogger
38. Give some funds to charity and add your link
39. Add a forum section on your blog
40. Add a char room on your blog
41. Write controversial article and write on top "Don't Read"
42. Write and ultimate guide on your niche
43. Link to high PR blogs
44. Create a podcast and submit to iTunes directory
45. Submit your blog to 200+ social networks
46. StumbleUpon your articles and be active there
47. Include hash (#) tags on your tweets
48. Start a group on Facebook
49. Collect mails from OLX and send invitation
50. Leave your URL in disqas comments
51. At the end get lost of backlinks to your site, because Google sees number of backlinks to your site and rank your posts, don't think only SEO can visible your site on search engine. Your blog's popularity depends on number of backlinks you got. Once you get lots of backlinks, your articles will be better ranked and you don't need to do above activities to get more traffic to your blog. 

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  1. Hi Blogger,

    Those tips are really great for the bloggers and if we follow the above mention tips we certainly gets lots of traffic to our blogs. But it is also true that only one person can adopt all the methods of promotion individually. It requires a team to follow all the methods simultaneously.

    Ovais Mirza

    1. Well, it depends on your interest and passion. One man can do above activities. Its not quite difficult. Many bloggers are adopting these strategies to bring more traffic to their blogs..it does not require a team...

  2. Awesome blog having valuable content. The post you share is very helpful for bloggers.No doubt blog websites is the great source of online traffic.so thanks for sharing it.

    1. Hello Logan Thanks for your appreciation


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