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web designing mistakes
Web Designing play an important role to visible your content in a better way, therefore always keep your web design error free. When I started blogging, I did the same mistakes, because at initial stages you are not being aware of each and every thing related to web designing. Most of them are common sense mistakes but some are quite polemic. Everyone does mistakes, no one is perfect. There is no perfect life as such but we have to learn from our mistakes. So let's jump to see all those web designing mistakes.

1. Articles should associates with your niche

The first mistake many blogger are doing on their site is that, they are including irrelevant article on their site. I mean your articles should associates with your niche, such as if your niche is based on "Make Money Online" then you should include articles related to make money online rather than articles related to politics. You will probably thinking that, how articles got an association with web designing?. Well, articles are directly effecting web designing, because whenever a visitor visits your site, he will read some stuff on your site. If he figure out that, your articles are not associating with your niche, then he will bounce back. Bounce rate play an important role to increase your page rank, the greater the bounce rate the lower your site will be rank and vise versa.

2. Theme Selection

Theme also play an important role to display your content in a better way. Selecting an ir-responsive theme can direct your visitors to another page. Many bloggers are doing few mistake while selecting a theme. Such as
Selecting a theme which got complex menu
Selecting a theme who's content is not scan-able
Selecting a theme which not loads fast
Selecting a theme which got no "Home" plus "About me" button
Selecting a theme from cheap provider
Selecting a theme with errors
Selecting a child theme
Selecting a crack theme and
Selecting a theme which not associates with your niche

3. Selecting an unreadable fancy fonts

Selecting an unreadable fancy fonts can make your blog look ugly, because majority of bloggers and visitors like simple and clean font. As you have seen on many blogs, that some blogger have included fancy fonts to attract some visitors but majority of visitors feel those description as fake. I mean, you have noticed that, on internet some bloggers write a fancy note like "If you want to make money online click on this link" and majority of us know, they are fake. Same will be happen with your blog if you include unreadable fancy fonts on your site.

4. Don't compel your visitors to register

Don't force your visitors to register up. If a visitor feel that, your content is benefiting him, he will definitely register himself. Secondly, majority of visitors don't like to register, because it needs an email and a password to remember. As you have seen that, once you register with a website, you will receive tons of automatic emails on your inbox, which actually bother a lot. Therefore people don't like to register on small blogs and websites.

5. Pop-up windows and ads

I personally don't like pop-up windows and ads, because it bothers a lot. Secondly, it diverts your readers to another website. Therefore try to avoid pop-up windows and ads, either it related to your content or ads.

6. Adding too much Javascripted codes

In web designing javascipted codes play an important role but excessive use can create many problems. Always add a JavaScript code from reliable sources like top best web designing blogs etc.

7. Playing music on background

Integrating music will also divert your visitors attention, because if they want to read your stuff, they will unable to read it. Not everyone is preferring the same music, some are listing to Jazz, some are listing to Rock and some are listing to classical music etc. You cannot play background music for each and every visitor on your site. If you want to play an audio, then it should got a play button, so the visitor can start himself rather than your integration.

8. Not including contact details and about me page

You have probably read this phrase "Everything Matter". Yeah, everything matter on your blog, either it related to your contact details or about me page. Not including contact details and about me page is somehow like, you are not engaging yourself with your followers and visitors. If you haven't added contact details yet, all you need to add contact details on your site, because you might lose important feedbacks.

9. Including complex URLs

You cannot imagine the power of URL structure, because it can visible your site on search engine. Through URL we can easily predict about the article, therefore avoid complex URL formets, such as www.bloggerwits.net/12301.text etc.

10. Changing website version frequently

If I just tell you what is the version of Facebook, you will probably tell me, that it got a blue color with timeline but if Facebook frequently change its version, it will confuse a visitor. He might think this is not Facebook page, same is the case on your site, don't change website version frequently. Visitors prefer content not the bandwidth you used.

11. Not including anchor text

Anchor text play an important role in scanning your blog by Googlespiders and crawlers. Google spiders and crawlers like rich anchor text. Let me make it simple, anchor text is actually that text, which has been linked on a site. Rich anchor text means providing clear text about the link instead of "clink this link" are "click here" etc. If you have not included rich anchor text, the visitor will not know, where he is going to land?. Therefore always use rich anchor text on your site, because it will benefit your visitors and as well as good for SEO.

12. Not changing color on links and underline normal text

Its another mistake to not differentiate between normal text with link text color. Your link text color should be different from normal text, because a visitor should easily find links on your article. Some bloggers also using hover effect links but they are not as good as changing color links. Secondly, do not underline normal text, because it confuses a visitor. Therefore avoid normal text on links and don't underline normal text.

13. Not doing SEO properly

First of all you should know, best and worst practices ofkeywords in SEO on your site. Secondly few things play an important role in SEO. Google crawlers not only see your web designing, they also see SEO on your site. Therefore keep these thing in your mind while doing SEO practices.
Use keyword on its Title, Meta Tag, and on its Body
Use Alt tag for images, because crawlers not directly read your image, they rather read its Alt tag name
Use keyword density between 2-4%
Use internal and external links on your site

14. Doing spelling and grammatical mistakes

In web designing spelling and grammar play an important role, because a tiny mistake can divert your visitors. If you want to keep your articles error free, all you need to do proofreading at the end, through which you can easily figure out your mistakes.

15. Not adding social sharing buttons

You cannot imagine the power of social sharing buttons, they can spread your article throughout the world within seconds. Your blog's earning depends on no of visitor you got but some bloggers are doing this mistake and not including social sharing buttons on their site. Use social media buttonson your site.

16. Including unreadable CAPTCHA

I personally don't like CAPTCHA enabled sites, because majority CAPTCHA figures and alphabets are unreadable. When you want to comment, it would say, you have mis-typed the CAPTCHA then you will probably leave that page. Actually, visitors don't like restriction, therefore include readable CAPTCHA on your blog, so visitors can easily comment on your site.

17. Adding dead links

Adding dead links can bother your visitors. Dead link is actually a link which is not working properly or broken for some reason. Internal links are on your control but external links sometime broke, therefore always check your external links. 

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  1. Anonymous20/8/15

    thansk for the post

  2. I just stumbled here in your website and read your article. I really agree about dead links that it will really sabotage your SEO. Maximize your the link juice only on trusted websites.

  3. While I'm reading this Article.All I can say this article are very helpful to those peolpe who make a Business through online.I agree also about the dead links they talk about.


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