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51 Ways to Get More Traffic on Your Blog

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get more traffic
Your blog's earning depends on the number of visitors you got on your blog. The more traffic you got, the more revenue you will collect. Therefore try to get more traffic on your blog through these 51 ways. More traffic means more clicks and more clicks mean more revenue and more revenue means more profit. So let's see all those 51 ways through which you can get more traffic on your blog.
1. Update your blog often
2. Share on social network sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Stumble Upon etc
3. Comment on other blogs
5. Participate in forms
7. Participate in Facebook groups
8. Submit your articles to top directories
9. Submit your site in Reddit
10. Do Guest blogging in top sites
11. Link your site in dead link of Wikipedia
12. Give away premium plugins and themes for free
13. Give away an eBook
14. Write controversial articles
15. Create a video, it bring more traffic than articles
16. Do proper SEO on your site
17. Select an attractive theme to reduce your bounce rate
20. Make step-by-step tutorial to get more traffic
21. Write on most searched articles on internet
22. Criticize a blog or a website
23. Review a product or a blog
24. Give ways to make money online
25. Do proper keyword research
26. Share interesting videos and pictures on Facebook page
27. Make good relations with bloggers on internet
posting timing more than once include chart
29. Start a contest
30. Submit your blog to feed directories
31. Advertise your blog on television
32. Advertise your blog on local cable
33. Advertise your blog on local FM
34. Advertise your blog on newspaper
36. Participate in Yahoo question answer page
37. Interview a top blogger
38. Give some funds to charity and add your link
39. Add a forum section on your blog
40. Add a char room on your blog
41. Write controversial article and write on top "Don't Read"
42. Write and ultimate guide on your niche
43. Link to high PR blogs
44. Create a podcast and submit to iTunes directory
45. Submit your blog to 200+ social networks
46. StumbleUpon your articles and be active there
47. Include hash (#) tags on your tweets
48. Start a group on Facebook
49. Collect mails from OLX and send invitation
50. Leave your URL in disqas comments
51. At the end get lost of backlinks to your site, because Google sees number of backlinks to your site and rank your posts, don't think only SEO can visible your site on search engine. Your blog's popularity depends on number of backlinks you got. Once you get lots of backlinks, your articles will be better ranked and you don't need to do above activities to get more traffic to your blog. 
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Top 11 Blogs To Learn SEO Online

learn seo online
No one can deny the importance of search engine optimization (SEO), because it can visible your site on search engine. Therefore you need top 11 blogs to learn SEO online for free. If you are not getting enough traffic from search engine, there is something going wrong with your SEO. Now these top 11 blogs will help you to better understand topics related to SEO, such as keyword research, keyword analysis, link building techniques, SEO tips and tricks, on-page and off-page SEO techniques, long tail keywords vs short tail keywords etc. So let's jump to see all those top 11 blogs to learn SEO online. 

1. Moz

Moz is one of the best place to learn SEO online. This site got an amazing series of SEO guides, through which you can better optimize your site for search engine. The beginner's guide contain 10 different chapters as under. Better to read these top 10 SEO guides, through which you can learn SEO basics and SEO training for free.

Chapter 5 " Keyword research "
Google Page Rank (PR): 5

Global Alexa Rank: 357

Monthly Visitors: 1.2 Million

2. Search Engine Land

Searchengineland is another great site to learn SEO online. I personally like this site, because of its useful content. You will find amazing articles related to SEO and Blogging. Search engine land got multiple guides to facilitate its users. These guides include

Google Page Rank (PR): 7
Global Alexa Rank: 958
Monthly Visitors: 1.2 Million

3. SEOBook

SEOBook is another great site to learn SEO. It includes articles related to SEO and search engine updates. This site got a SEO tool checker, through which you can easily find "How good SEO is working on your site?". This site contain number of articles related to SEO guides and these guides include.

A part for SEO guides, it contain SEO training programs and articles as well. Such as

On blogging

Google Page Rank (PR): 6
Global Alexa Rank: 3,237
Monthly Visitors: 3.4 Million

4. Matt Cutts

MattCutts is the head of Google's web spam team and he is working for Google about 15 years. He joined Google as a software engineer in 2000. He has completed his PhD from University of North Carolina in computer graphics. He is an considered as a reliable source to trust about Google SEO, because he is working for 15 years with Google. His blog talks about
Gadgets etc. 

Google Page Rank (PR): 7
Global Alexa Rank: 16,248
Monthly Visitors: 1.2 Million 

5. Search Engine Watch

SearchEngineWatch is a guide to search engine marketing and search engine optimization, forums reviews, articles, rating and blogging tips. I personally like this site, because of great content in it. Secondly, it is the best website to learn SEO. You will find tips and guides on.

Google Page Rank (PR): 7
Global Alexa Rank: 2,065
Monthly Visitors: 390K

6. SEO Chat

SEOChat is a community dedicated to helping newbie's and professionals through forums, SEO tools and blogging tips. This site is discussing mostly articles related to SEO and search engine ranking. Secondly, it can help you to better optimize your site for search engine. Main topics of SEO Chat include

Google Page Rank (PR): 6

Global Alexa Rank: 5,689

Monthly Visitors: 1.2 Million

7. Search Engine Journal

SearchEngineJournal (SEJ) was launched in 2003 and published tons of articles on search marketing content. SEJ got multiple talented online experts, such as Kelsey Jones as executive editor, Aki Libo-On as assistant editor, Brent Csutoras as chief social media strategist, Danielle Antosz as copyeditor, Debbie Miller as social media manager, Jenise Uehara Henrikson as publisher, Jessica Cromwell as project manager, Matt Southern as writer and Paulo Bobita as designer. SEJ discusses all issues and news related to search marketing communities and businesses. You will learn SEO online through step by step from these main topics. Such as

Google Page Rank (PR): 7
Global Alexa Rank: 1,766
Monthly Visitors: 970K

8. SEO Blackhat

First of all you should know the difference between Whitehat SEO vs Blackhat SEO, because these two are the main techniques to visible your site on search engine. SEO Blackhat is a great site to learn seo online for free, because it got multiple articles related to all those search engine techniques, on page SEO techniques, through which you can get maximum organic searches. You will find a forum on this site, where you can share your knowledge as well as you can solve your problems through discussions. Main topics of SEO Blackhat contains.

Google Page Rank (PR): 6

Global Alexa Rank: 153,980

Monthly Visitors: 30K

9. Search Engine Guide

Searchengineguide (SEG) is an amazing site to learn SEO online for free. You can find more articles on analytics, blogging, brand building, Google AdSense, link building, content and copywriting, local search, keywords, paid search and Facebook etc. SEG will help you to optimize your SEO in a better way, therefore all you need to visit this site for more SEO articles. Through SEG you will learn SEO free, because this site is sharing articles for free and the main topics of SEG includes.

Analytics etc.

Google Page Rank (PR): 7
Global Alexa Rank: 140,779
Monthly Visitors: 95K

10. SEO By The Sea

Bill Slawski is the founder of and working on SEO since 1996 but this site is founded in 2005. This site is located in Carlasbad California. In this site you will find articles on, how search engine rank web pages, search engine patents and white papers and many other articles related to blogging and SEO. The main topics to learn SEO online includes.

Google Page Rank (PR): 7
Global Alexa Rank: 37,906
Monthly Visitors: 360K

11. Blue Hat SEO

Bluehatseo is another great site to learn SEO online. This site had published lots of articles on SEO, SEM, Google, search engine factors, search engine tools and on all those techniques through which you can visible your blog on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. You will learn SEO 2015 through bluehatseo, because this site got some main topics. Such as

Services etc. 
Google Page Rank (PR): 4
Global Alexa Rank: 155,806
Monthly Visitors: 360K
Hope these sites will help you to optimize your SEO in a better way, for more interesting articles just like
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How Freelancers Can Make Money With Elance (Complete Guide)?

Make Money With Elance
Elance was launched in 1999. Initially it was developed as a technology, which supports virtual work but later on in 2006 it was developed for online contingent work. Now this site is being used by more than 500,000 businesses with 2 million plus registered freelancers. These freelancers have earned more than $900 million till now. In 18 December 2013, Elance was merged with oDesk, which build a combine of 8 million registered members.

How Elance Work?

In Elance businesses are posting jobs and freelancers avail those opportunities.  Elance acts a middle platform between businesses around the world with millions of freelancers. Elance is simply taking a commission of 8.75% and remaining 91.25% goes to freelancer's account.

How to become a freelancer to make money with Elance?

Well, freelancer is a person, who is searching for online jobs in Elance and working for businesses on contract. If you want to make money with Elance, first of all, you need to create a profile on Elance.

How to make a good profile in Elance?

Few things play an important role, while creating an Elance profile. Such as
Smiley Picture: According to a recent survey, attractive profile picture with smiley on face can attract more clients than normal profile picture
Past Experience: Add all your past experience
Skill: Add your skills, which can be associated with your field and interest
Portfolio: Upload your portfolio on your profile

Which type of jobs are mostly searched on Elance?
Make Money With Elance

Well, in 2012 Elance conduct a survey, in which information technology (IT) related jobs are mostly posted and searched on Elance. It contain 59% of Elance earning, in which creative jobs got 24% and operational and marketing jobs contain 14% shares.
If you are a guy who is good at web designing and web development or a persuasive writer, all you need to join Elance to make money online for free.

How to find a job in Elance and how to apply?

To find a job in Elance is quite easy, all you need to go on " Find a job" section and search for the job of your interest. Once you find a suitable job, all you need to send a proposal. Now a question arises. That

How to make a good proposal to convince your client?

According to my experience as a freelancer, 80% of people get a job through a well written proposal, because proposal is a true picture of your abilities. Therefore try to include all your past and present experience with skills to make your client more comfortable about your interest for the job. Keep few things on your mind, while writing an excellent proposal.
Make your client feel special
Add  your past experience
Add your skills
Add your terms and conditions
Add a video if you got
Set your rate: Setting your rate is very important, because it all depends on rate, which convince your client to hire you.

How to set earning rates on Elance?

There are two main types of earning rates, one is hourly based and second is monthly based. Therefore, while writing your proposal don't forget to mention your rate type. If you feel difficulties while setting earning rates on Elance, just see below earning rates.

1. Data Entry Earning Rates

You will see many jobs related to data entry on Elance. If you want to set earning rate for data entry jobs, then follow this rule.
$3-10 for hourly based jobs and $500-1000 for monthly based

2. Web designing and search engine optimization (SEO)

Web designing and SEO jobs are the mostly searched jobs on Elance. Therefore their earning rates are quite higher. If you want to set your earning rate for web designing and SEO, just follow this rule.
$10-15 for hourly based jobs and $1000-5000 for monthly based projects

3. App and mobile development

App and mobile development job's earning are quite decent, you can earn more than $5000 per month, if you got app and mobile development skills. To fix rates for app and mobile development, use the following guideline.
$10-40 for hourly based jobs and $1000-8000 for monthly based jobs

4. Content plus article writers

If you are a persuasive writer or a blogger, you can earn decent amount of money from article writing. There are websites and blogs, who are paying more than $100 for guest blogging and writings. Elance also offer tons of jobs related to content and article writings, just fix your rate an make free online money with Elance.
$10-25 for hourly based jobs and $1000-5000 for monthly based jobs.


I will go step-by-step at the end to focus on these steps to make money with Elance, so it will be easier for you.

1. Sign up for Elance
2. Create your profile
3. Add your past experience
4. Add your skills
5. Apply to relevant jobs
6. Send a well written proposal
7. Include all terms and conditions
8. Include dead line of work
9. Add your rate either it's hourly or fixed based
10. Add your contact information which include
Mail address
Cell number
Skype ID
Facebook ID etc
11. Do work on time
12. Add your payment options
13. Close the deal, when it done
14. Send a thanks note
Make Money With Elance

Hope this article will help you to make money with Elance
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