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self hosted account is better
As we know that, there is a difference between self hosted (WordPress.org) vs automatic hosted (WordPress.com). Many new WordPress beginners get confused between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org. Making a difference is not goal of this article, today we will figure out which platform is better for blogging, either its self hosted or automatic hosted account. Today I am going to defend self hosted account, why it is better than automatic hosted account.

Hosted by Yourself

The first advantage in self hosted account is that, you can host account yourself. On the other side a WordPress team is behind and they hosted your account. If you did some unwanted action in automatic hosted account, WordPress team will block or ban your account and you will not be able to get back your account. On the self hosted account, there is a chance of penalty but you can recover from a Google penalty.

Customize Your Account

Secondly, you can customize your account yourself. either the customization is related to your theme, plugins, or it related to your blog designing. On the other side you cannot customize your account, there are some restriction, through which you are unable to add new features and plugins.

You Can Make Money Online

Yes, with self hosted account you can make money online. You can make money from text link ads, PPC ads, CPM ads, guest blogging, sponsored ads and from affiliate marketing. But on the other side you face some restriction to make money from your account. You can make money from automatic hosted account but not as much as from self hosted account.

Google like Self Hosted Account

Yeah, Google also trust and like self hosted account, because you have paid money for domain and hosting. Secondly, search engine like old self hosted accounts and also feel that, this guy is serious about blogging.

You can Choose Your Own URL

On self hosted account you can choose your own domain name like www.bloggerwits.com but on the other side the URL looks ugly, like www.example.wordpress.com. Which shows that it a free account and people thing this guy is not serious and created a site for fun. On self hosted account you can choose a nice and attractive URL for your blog and people can trust your account. 

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