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Google Likes in a Blog

Quality of content: Well, as we all know that Google love quality of content. The first thing to do on your site is to create quality of content.  Always keep your content in summarized form so the readers can easily get your idea or what you want to say. Update your content often, because Google like fresh content.
Lots of Pages: Yes, Google also like a lots of pages with great content. If you want to visible your site on search engine, all you need to create a lots of pages with good content.
Good SEO Work: Good SEO work can be done through good keyword research and on-page and off-page optimization. If you want to do good SEO work on your site, all you need to read this SEO Guide for understanding it all.
Aged Domains: As you have seen that, old domain websites are more visible on search engines as compare to new domains, because Google preferred old domains. The more older your domain, the better rank you will get from Google.  
Links to other sites: This is another important factor in Google ranking, because it sees all those links and pages which you have linked to other sites. It's kind of referencing your content with reliable sources.
More backlinks to your site: Don't think, only SEO can visible your site on search engine. Google sees number of backlinks to a site and rank a post. The more backlinks you got the better your site will be ranked. Google consider backlinks as a vote from every other websites, therefore you have to get more votes from other sites.
Forums: Forums actually gives backlinks to your site, therefore try to comment on forums and engage yourself with other networks as well. Google like those backlinks coming from forums, such as warrior forum etc.
.Gov and .Edu Sites: Google like backlinks which are coming from government and educational sites. If your site is getting more backlinks from .gov and .edu sites, you posts will better ranked on search engine. Therefore try to get backlinks from government and educational institutions.
Yahoo Answers: I think you have noticed that, whenever you ask a question on search engine, it displays Yahoo answer on the top, it means Google like Yahoo answers. Google is displaying Yahoo answers, because it wants to facilitate its visitors through opinions and answers of different responded people. Therefore you should respond on Yahoo answers to get more traffic.
Responsive Theme: Theme play an important role to visible your content in a better way, therefore always select an attractive and responsive theme. Why Google like a responsive theme? because it loads fast and it would be easier for Google crawler and spiders to scan your content easily. 

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