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Blog Promotion Techniques
You cannot imagine the power of advertisement and blog promotion, because it will spread your blog throughout the world within a minute. Therefore advertisers are investing so much on Google AdWord for promotion. In 2012, American advertisers had spent 20 billion US dollar on SEMs. Just imagine how important is your blog promotion, because it can visible your site on search engines. Instead of spending money, why not you just check successful bloggers techniques, how they promote their blog.

1- Mike Stelzer

Empower readers to share your content as they consume it by placing the digg floating social share bar along the left side of your content as people scroll down the page. This enables them to easily promote your content to their favorite social channels. A good tip is to make sure it appears only after people have scrolled a bit down the page. See it implemented at Social Media Examiner.
Global Rank: 1,404
Monthly Visitors: 11.5M

2- Neil Patel

My single most successful strategy in promoting a blog post is to link out to other sites. Let me explain…If I wanted to write a resource on the 50 best marketing blog posts of 2013, I would search all over the web for great posts. Once I compiled a list, I would turn it into a blog post. And then once I publish it I would then email each blog that I mentioned to let them know. I wouldn’t ask them to blog about it, but instead I would ask them to tweet about the post. You should be able to get at least 10% if not 15% of the people you email to tweet out your post.
Founder of: Quick Sprout
Global Rank: 1,984
Monthly Visitors: 9M

3- Gregory Ciotti

One of my favorite ways to promote a post actually begins with how the post is created. Utilizing what I call The Drip Technique, any article you create can get the exposure of a “round-up post” without actually being a round-up post. How? You simply “drip” in features throughout the piece, grabbing quotes and excerpts from personalities with your ideal audience and putting them in where appropriate. Check out how I put this in action in an article called The New 4Ps of Marketing. Under each subheading, I added a quote from a respectable entrepreneur/marketer on what they thought. When you feature people, they are likely to share it, but by ‘dripping’ in these features, you still control the flow of the content, and don’t have to rely on a pure round-up to get exposure.
Marketing Strategist: Help Scout
Global Rank: 5,119
Monthly Visitors: 6.1M

4- Pat Flynn

My favorite method of promoting a blog post is pretty old school – it’s asking people to share it. If you publish an amazing piece of content that you feel is share-worthy (which should be every piece of content that you write), then you have permission to ask those who consume it to share it. It’s totally okay to ask, and sometimes that’s all it takes to get people to take that extra effort to do so. Combine that with making it incredible easy to share, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.
Founder of: Smart Passive Income
Global Rank: 6,993
Monthly Visitors: 3M

5- Jon Morrow

There are lots of tips and tricks for getting traffic, but in my experience, the most effective tactic over the long term is being generous with the other authorities in your space. Leave a comment with evidence supporting their points, write an astonishingly awesome guest post for their blog, set up chairs for them when they’re speaking at a conference, promote their products and services, share links to their posts, and in general, so overwhelm them with generosity they can’t help feeling like they owe you. Then, when you have a particularly great piece of content you’d like to push, start calling in favors.
Founder of: Boost Blog Traffic
Global Rank: 17,711
Monthly Visitors: 1M

6- Ramsay Taplin

So I’m assuming you don’t have a huge mailing list to share your latest post with. And I’m also assuming you don’t have a massive budget to run an advertising campaign. So how then does a blogger successfully promote a brand new blog post? Well, a lot of it is about contacts. One tricky little thing I do is to write a massively useful post and in that post link out to bloggers/authors who have large followings on Google+ or Twitter. When the article goes live you shoot them a message letting them know that you mentioned them and nine times out of ten they will share your content. If you’ve mentioned them in a nice way with a high quality article you’ll often find yourself with new friends and contacts and a big new flood of traffic.
Founder of: Blog Tyrant
Global Rank: 73,006
Monthly Visitors: 720K
He sold his blog for $20,000

7- Heidi Colen

Leverage the power of other people’s networks by reaching out to influential colleagues and asking them to share your content. This works best if you have a relationship with the social connections, you’ve mentioned them in your post, and you’re not a pest.

Founder of: Heidi Cohen
Global Rank: 53,985
Monthly Visitors: 520K

8- Ana Hoffman

Promoting others has always been my most successful way to promote Traffic Generation CafĂ©. That includes both acknowledging my readers for their incredible contributions to TGC growth: comments, mentions, social media sharing (like I do in my Weekly Marketing Skinnies), as well as generously linking out to relevant resources on other blogs in each and every one of my posts. “Give and you shall receive” goes a long way.
Global Rank: 36,181
Monthly Visitors: 250K

9- Gerald Weber

Well, this is actually an easy answer for me. Viral Content Buzz is my number one way to promote content. Viral Content Buzz (VCB) is a web-based platform that utilizes a crowd sourcing model to facilitate the generation of REAL “social buzz” on QUALITY content.
Since I cofounded Viral Content Buzz with my long-time friend and partner Ann Smarty, this may seem like a biased answer. But the reason it’s actually not is Ann and I specifically created the platform because we needed a better and more efficient way to promote our best content, our clients’ cream of the crop content and the awesome content produced by the MyBlogGuest community.
Quality really is what makes VCB different from other platforms. Starting in 2008, I got serious about promoting content. After hitting the wall in terms of what I could do by manually emailing and messaging my online network, I began looking for a more scalable option.
Long story short, I tried just about every promotion platform under the sun. Unfortunately, they all ended up having a problem with spam in one form or another. So when Ann and I decided to start from scratch and build our own platform, we focused on features like credits, identity verification and moderation to ensure that the content shared through VCB would always be of the highest quality.
Thanks to Ann’s talent and tireless work, we’ve been able to build a great community around Viral Content Buzz over the last year. I’m also very happy that it has literally become my primary method for promoting content for both my own projects and my clients.
We’re always working to make VCB even better, so I strongly encourage anyone who hasn’t tried it yet to give it a whirl!
Global Rank: 446,718
Monthly Visitors: 15K

10- Allison Boyer

On my food blog, the absolute best method for getting the word out about a post has been link parties, which are weekly collections of links about a specific topic. If you blog in a visual niche (food, travel, DIY, etc.) you need to be doing link parties! Not only do you reach the audience of the blogger running the link party, but you get on the radar of other bloggers, since most of the people who participate in the link party will browse through the other submitted links as well. It’s a great way to start building relationships with others in your niche.
Global Rank: 2,872,897
Monthly Visitors: 6k

Source: This data has been taken from kikolani 

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