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Highest Earning Blogs
This article is very interesting, because you will amaze to see highest earning blogs of the internet. Their monthly earnings can blow-up your mind, because you cannot earn $2,340,oooo within your entire life as a blog earn within a month. So let's jump to see all those highest earning blogs on the internet.

1. Huffington Post

In highest earning blogs on the internet Huffington post is on the top. Huffington post talks about all aspects of life, from news to entertainment, lifestyle to food, tech and science and also record voices of the people around the world. This site was launched on 10 May, 2005 by Arianna Huffington, Andrew Breitbar, Kenneth Lerer and Jonah Peretti. Now this blog emerged as one of the highest earning site on the internet. This site is covering business, entertainment, politics, environment, media, technology, health, lifestyle and also covering many other topics. You can find more topics in its "all sections" portion. You will amazed to see its monthly earning, a top business man cannot earn as it does. This site is earning $2,340,000 on each month and therefore included on the top as highest earning blog on the internet.
Owner: Arianna Huffington
Monthly Earnings: $2,340,000
Global Alexa Rank: 92
Sites Linking In: 257,090
Monthly Visitors: 209.5M
Income Source: Pay Per Click (PPC)

2. Mashable

Mashable was founded by Pete Cashmore in July 2005.Well, Mashable is on the second number in highest earning blogs. Mashable is covering social media, technology, world, business, lifestyle and many other topics. In social media it is covering Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube while in tech this site is covering apps and software, development and design, gadgets and mobile etc. In business sites, it is covering jobs, marketing, media, small business, while on the entertainment site it is covering films, gaming, music, sports and television.
Owner: Pete Cashmore
Monthly Earning: $561,000
Global Alexa Rank: 229
Sites Linking In: 100,810
Monthly Visitors: 47.5M
Income Source: Advertising Banners

3. Perez Hilton

Mario Armando Lavandeira is an American blogger and a television personality. He graduated from New York University in 2000 and started his career as an actor before started blogging. His blog perezhilton.com is covering gossip about celebrities and also covering videos and photos related to entertainment, television, news and celebrities. This site has written lots of articles on Lady Gaga, Sophia Bush, Kim Kardashian etc.
Owner: Mario Lavandeira
Monthly Earning: $451,000
Global Alexa Rank: 1,678
Sites Linking In: 11,779
Monthly Visitors: 9.8M
Income Source: Advertising Banners

4. Techcrunch

Techcrunch was launched by Michael Arrington in 11 July 2005. This blog is mostly focusing on  information and technology news. On news section it is elaborating more topics on mobiles, gadgets, enterprise, social media and also covering news about Europe and Asia. These news are compile through different videos on techcrunch events. If your blog is all about technology news, all you need to visit this site for more information and updates.
Owner: Michael Arrington
Monthly Earning: $400,000
Global Alexa Rank: 345
Sites Linking In: 89,320
Monthly Visitors: 22.8M
Income Source: Advertising Banners

5. Smashing Magazine

Samashing Magazine was launched by Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz in September 2006. This blog is offering resources, services and advices on web development and web designing. Submenus of this blog includes, coding, design, mobile, graphics, UX design, WordPress etc. Coding and Designing is the main objectives of this blog, in which many articles have been written on CSS, HTML, JavaScript, techniques, typography, web design etc. If your site is based on web designing and web development, all you need to visit this site for more information.
Owner: Vitaly Friedman
Monthly Earning: $192,000
Global Alexa Rank: 2,049
Sites Linking In: 2,049
Monthly Visitors: 4.3M
Income Source: Advertising Banners

6. Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes is an American stock trader and entrepreneur. He trading in penny stocks and created an online blog to help other stock trader and entrepreneurs. His blog covers topic related to stock market and businesses, traders and brokers. He has created 7 videos to show you, how he become millionaire by age 22. If you want to get those video, just subscribe here and confirm your email.
Owner: Timothy Sykes
Monthly Earning: $150,000
Global Alexa Rank: 49,829
Sites Linking In: 717
Monthly Visitors: 370K
Income Source: Affiliate Sales

7. Gothamist

This blog was launched by Jake Dobkin in 2003. This blog is focusing on news and events, food and culture, arts and entertainments of top 8 cities of the world. These cities include Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Shanghai and San Francisco. Initially it was only covering news related to New York but latter on it has expanded its services to 7 other top cities of the world.
Owner: Jake Dobkin
Monthly Earning: $111,000
Global Alexa Rank: 3,752
Sites Linking In: 12,607
Monthly Visitors: 1.4M
Income Source: Pay Per Click

8. Tuts Plus

Tuts Plus is created by Collis Taeed and become world's largest video courses and tutorials. Tuts+ focusing on design and illustration, courses, free tutorials, coding, web design and web development etc. Tut+ courses and eBook include design and illustration, coding, web design, music and audio, photo and video, 3D and motion graphics etc. If your blog is based on tutorials, all you need to visit this site for more information.  
Owner: Collis Taeed
Monthly Earning: $110,000
Global Alexa Rank: 970
Sites Linking In: 24, 505
Monthly Visitors: 15M
Income Source: Member Area

9. Car Advice

Car Advice blog was created by Alborz Fallah. This blog is providing information about cars and latest released autos. This blog focuses on car reviews, car news, showrooms, videos, advices etc. In car reviews submenus include car comparisons, long term reports, lifestyle reviews, speed date reviews, top 5 cars, owner car reviews and compare specs etc.  
Owner: Alborz Fallah
Monthly Earning: $71,000
Global Alexa Rank: 22,828
Sites Linking In: 1,800
Monthly Visitors: 1.6M
Income Source: Advertising Banners

10. Venture Beat

Venture Beat was launched by Matt Marshall in October 2006. It is focusing on technology news, products reviews, interviews, businesses, marketing, videos, jobs etc. New York Times called VB as one of the top blogs on the internet. Venture beat got more than 6 million visitors per months. Venture beat is on number 10 amongst highest earning blogs.
Owner: Matt Marshall
Monthly Earning: $63,000
Global Alexa Rank: 1,480
Sites Linking In: 34,030
Monthly Visitors: 6M
Income Source: Pay Per Click

Source: Alexa.com, Similarweb.com and incomediary.com

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  1. Amazing list post. Blogging is a kind of life changing platform. If we use blog in a smart way, we can also achieve bigger heights like the above blog owners.

    1. You are right Sanjay..Blogging is a kind of life changing platform.

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  3. Very inspirational when see their earnings. and it keep me up in my work.



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