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Ideas to write a blog post
Well, there are many ways to write a blog post but sometime we cannot get those ways. Therefore, today I am going to refresh some traditional and new ideas to write a blog post. I think you have written already some posts on these ideas but if you want to write more stuff on your blog, all you need to read all these ideas to write a blog post. It might help you to get some more ideas to write a blog post.

Make a Video Tutorial

Making different videos for your blog is a great idea. You cannot imagine the power of video tutorials. It will bring more users than articles. If you do not belief me, just make a video tutorial and see the impact. To make a video tutorial is quiet easy, all you need to download a screen recorder software and make your video. 
These tutorials are associated with pictures or step-by-step tutorials, where you capture a screen short and make tutorials. The fun part is that, you can add 4-5 slides in a tutorial and it become complete. Therefore you can make different step-by-step tutorial post for you blog, because it's easy.

Review a book/Product

You have seen that, many bloggers had added Reviews as their main menu, because people love to read about products and books reviews. You can also make a post on reviews, it might be associated with books, movies, products etc. Review a book or any product is another idea to write a blog post. 

Criticize a Website/Blog

Well, this is again a good idea, because positive criticism will attract more users to your site. Whenever you criticize a website or blog just keep one thing in your mind, always do a positive criticism, because if you did negative criticism it might create a problem for you.

Interview Someone

This is a great technique to bring some users to your site. This is another type of post, where you have to interview someone who is famous in his/her field. It might be a top blogger, a celebrity, or a person who has achieved success in any field.

Create a Photo Album

Nowadays photos play an important role to visible your content in a better way. Creating a photo album will bring more users to your site, because actions speak louder than words.

Share your Experience

As we know that, everyone is experiencing and thinking different from each other. Therefore you can share your experience with others. You can share your thoughts, way of living, a journey, travelling or you can share a problem associated with your life.

Write articles on Popular Posts

Yeah, this is great idea to write a blog post on popular posts of different blogs. Here, you have to just visit different sites which associates with your niche and write down all popular posts of each and every website you visit. Now you have to write posts on popular posts of other blogs, because it give a kind of information for you that, which topics and posts are mostly discussed and viewed on the internet. Such as, my niche is based on making money online and I have seen mostly bloggers search for AdSense like "How to approve AdSense's account  on my Blog?" or "What are the alternatives of AdSense?" and "How to make money online?" etc. 

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  1. Well, it is very important to get new ideas while writing a post, because the old ones will never attract any audience. So, smart work is needed.

    1. Yeah, you have to keep yourself update with latest innovation and techniques on blogging sphere


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