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Engaging readers on a new blog is the most difficult part in blogging but it's not impossible. If you are a persuasive and creative writer you can easily engage your readers. You cannot imagine the power of persuasive writing, it will bring more users to your site.  So let's jump to see all those techniques through which you can engage readers on your blog.

1. Content matters

As Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) is king of chemicals, content is king of websites and blogs. Your blog is valued on the basis of your content. Therefore always create quality and good content to your readers.

2. Ask for Opinions

Well, this is another technique to engage your readers. You can ask for opinions from your readers and they preferred to give you suggestion. This is in human psychology that, they love to give opinions. If you not belief me, just ask for opinions, you will get tons of opinions from your readers.

3. Praise or encourage readers

These are minor things but can make a difference. Many visitors might figure out your minor mistake, you have to praise or credit for correction. Encouraging readers can increase your returning visitors rate with commenting. 

4. Ask questions

Here you can ask different kind of questions from your readers. Many visitors love to respond on questions. Try to include all W question, such as what, when, why, where etc. For example you can ask "What is the best platform for blogging (Blogger orWordPress)? etc. This is a good technique to engage readers on your site.

5. Ask for Feedback

For this, first you have to add a Feedback Button on your blog, because it is the easiest way to get some feedback about your blog. Feedbacks got two main advantages, through it you can make correction on your blog and secondly, you can engage more visitors on your blog.

6. Credit a Commenter in a New Post

Yes, it is another unique way to engage more readers. Crediting your top commenter will motivate the readers to comment on your blog. It's in human psychology that, we like admiration from others. Therefore you can credit a commenter in a new post for admiration.

7. Invite best commenter for guest blogging

Crediting the commenter is only an admiration but when you invite best commenter for guest blogging, it will finally engage your reader. As we know that, guest posting is an important factor for both the parties, because both the parties are getting better off. The blogger is getting some visitors via guest posts and the contributor will get some backlinks. Therefore don't be afraid to invite your readers for guest blogging. I personally like this technique to engage readers.

8. Reciprocity on comments

You can generate more traffic to your blog by using comment techniques. Reciprocity is another great technique to engage your readers. In which you have to comment on those blogs, which are commenting on yours, through which you can engage your readers. Commenting on other blogs are an easy job, just leave a reply on every commenter's blog.

9. Reply to Subscription Emails

As you know that, we get tons of emails from different users and spammers. You can even reply to spammers and convert them to become a user. Secondly you have to reply to all those emails, which you have been collected from subscribers. You can send latest posts different coupons and give away offers to your readers, through which you can bring more visitors and engage your readers.

10. Challenge your readers

Talk like you are part of a community: You should include words like we, this community, participants etc. As you have seen in forums that blogger challenge or ask questions through thread, in this way you they get lots of responses. You can also make a blog forum section on your site, where your visitors can  participate and show an engagement on your site. 

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