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Well, there are some ways through which you can write an article within 30 minutes. So let's jump to see what are those ways.

Make a Schedule for different articles

Well, it helps me a lot, when I make Schedule for different articles, because you don't have to waste your time on searching. For instance, you have to make a list of un-written articles with dates, through which you can write the selected article. It will save your time as well.

Write an article when you feel free

This is very important, because you have to write when you feel free. Majority of bloggers are writing at night, because they feel free at night and I recommend night as well. Some people prefer to write early in the morning, because they make an excuse that "Sleep early and wake up early". If you are a drowsy guy, you can write on day times, when you feel free.

Prepare a Tea or a Coffee

I have seen professional people are preparing a tea or a coffee while writing. Due to which, you would not have a headache, secondly it will boost up your confidence. Yes, in business there is a saying "If you take a pen while presentation, it will boost up your confidence" same is the case in writing, if you take something to eat or drink, it will increase your confidence. Thirdly, you will not bore and write well.

Google it, and open at least 5 sites according to your article

The initial step while writing an article is to Google it and open at least 5 tabs on it. Actually, it will give you an idea about your article, because same article is presented in different ways. Once you open some tabs, just go through it and read main headings of the article. These main headings can give you a summary about your article.

Make at least 5 important points/Outline in sequence

 Now just make at least 5 important points in sequence. For example in tutorials we are going from initial to its finial part, same is going to implement here. You have to write those important points in sequence.

Don't think too much just write/Focus

This happens to many bloggers, we think too much instead of just writing. If you start thinking you won't be able to write anything, because thinking will divert your attention. Focus is very important, if you want to write an article within a define duration. 

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