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ways to get 300 backlinks
On-Page and Off-Page are two main parts of SEO, in which backlinks are a part of Off-Page SEO. If you want to get high ranking in SERP's, all you need to get backlinks from other website and blogs. Some bloggers are using black-hat techniques to get backlinks but you should know that, in 2012, Google has launched penguin updates, which decreased the ranking of black-hat techniques, therefore you should be careful. Before you going to get 300 backlinks with these 30 ways, better to avoid buying links from sites like Fiverr etc.

How To Get 300 Backlinks with 30 Different Ways

1. Comment on other blogs
2. Do Guest Posting with quality content
3. Participate in Forums and link to your site
4. Bookmark your articles on social networks
5. Link your posts and recommend
6. Exchange links with other bloggers
7. Submit your blog to top directories
8. Review your blog on other forums
9. Make tutorials and pdf and submit it to sharing sites
10. Review products, they might link back
11. Interview top bloggers
12. Use Squidoo to promote your site
13. Write quality and controversial posts
14. Submit your site to moz 
15. Google love .edu and .gov forums link to them
16. Start a blogging contest and link to your blog
17. Create wikipedia page and link your site their 
18. Write about celebrities, because people like gossips
19. Create an eBook and distribute without cost
20. Use subscription emails and send latest updates
21. Submit your images to flickr etc to drive more traffic
22. Write on ehow.com and about.com and link to your site
23. Create Youtube video and publish it for likes
24. Offer free downloads and eBook on your blog
25. Update your blog regularly to attract more traffic
26. Do SEO and search engine will drive traffic to your site
27. Select an attractive theme with user friendly blog
28. Advertise your product on Ebay and Amazon
29. Do on-page and off-pageSEO to bring traffic
30. Ask questions and answer on sites, like Yahoo Answers

If you spend some time on these Off-Page backlinks techniques, then you will get 300 backlinks within a week. Hope this will help you, if you got some ways to get more backlinks, please comment. 

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  1. nice information. It was such kind of make our blog become popular. Thanks

    1. Yeah backlinks are very important to visible a site on search engine

  2. Thanks for sharing a useful information.
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