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What is oDesk?
 Earn Money With oDesk
oDesk play as a middle platform between talented freelancers with businesses around the world. It is providing jobs to skilled workers and rewarded professionally, personally and financially. It is considered as number 1 in online workplace. More than 100,000 jobs are posted each month on oDesk. It charges 10% services fee, in which 90% gets the freelancer.
oDesk offer jobs on
Web Development
Mobile Development
Designing and creations
Virtual Assistants
Customer Service
Sales and Marketing
Accounting and Consultants

How to start making money with oDesk?

First of all you have to do three things, before going to make money with oDesk
Sign up
Create your profile
Set up your payment options
Profile play an important role in oDesk, because clients are looking for a guy, who is best fit for their job. Therefore you have to create complete profile which resemble your skills and accomplishments. Now a question arises that, what make a great profile?.
While creating your profile on oDesk just keep these tips on your mind.
ü  First of all introduce yourself, in which you should include full name with a smiley picture. Secondly write an accurate title which suites or reflects your area of interest and type of jobs you are looking for.  
ü  Secondly, you have to compel a visitor through your profile that, why they will hire you for the job, what you can do for them?. For this you have to include past experience, educational levels, and most important, skills you got in the associated file. You can even add links to work you've accomplished before.
ü   Thirdly, your profile should be error free and always use affirmative sentence. Don't use shortcuts, ALL CAPS, break links etc. Therefore make your profile without grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
ü  And last set your rate on your profile. Your rate should not be exceed than your capabilities. You can increase your rate with time but initially try to set your rate little low, because lower rate might attract more clients.

How to set your rate?

Well, there are two types of jobs on oDesk, fixed price and hourly based jobs.
·         In fixed price jobs, the amount of rate is fixed with any given duration. Many new freelancer set their rate as fixed prices.
·         On the other hand, in hourly based jobs, the price is set for hours. The interesting thing about hourly projects is that, oDesk got an application, which takes random screenshots of your work and upload them to work diary on every 5-10 minutes. So you cannot trick your client by keeping high rate in hourly projects.  

How to get a suitable job in oDesk?

Once you have completed your profile, now you can look for the suitable job. Here also a question arises, how to get a suitable job with your capabilities, because in most cases we know little thing about everything but not know everything  about little thing. Therefore ask few questions before going to apply for a particular job. Such as..
ü  Am I best fit for the job?
ü  Do I have the right skill for the job?
ü  Do I have the time for the job?
ü  And finally, Is the offered rate acceptable?

How to apply for a job on oDesk?

Well, you have created your profile and also see the suitable job description. Now the question is how to get a job or how to apply for a job?. The processor to get or applying for a job on oDesk is quite easy, just follow these steps.
ü  First of all, you have to find the right and suitable job on oDesk.
ü  Secondly,  you have to submit your application. Make sure you have enter your cover letter, all necessary attachments, deadline of work and most importantly your offered rate.   
 Earn Money With oDesk

How to write a fantastic cover letter, which convinceyour client?

Cover letter is an introduction of yourself, therefore while writing a cover letter, keep these tips in
your mind.
·         Make it professional
·         Highlight your skills
·         Be Specific
·         Discuss your past work
·         Writing should be persuasive etc
 Earn Money With oDesk
ü  Now client will receive your mail and review your submitted application. Once the client review
your application, he or she will contact you for an interview. Don't be afraid from these kinds of 
interviews, because majority of these interviews are conducted informally, they might interview
you through Skype, Facebook chat or through mail. Do your best and make him/her comfortable
about your work and accept the offer. If your client is business oriented guy, he/she will take a formal interview as well, therefore you should prepare for that as well.

How to give an interview, which hires you for the job?

Before the interview, just do the following things.
·         Do your homework for the job
·         Find a quite space
·         Check your oDesk profile
·         Prepare mentally and technically
Above were some points to consider before the interview. Now I am going to give you some tips to adopt during the interview. Such as..
·         Talk professionally
·         Persuade the client
·         Crack a joke
·         Be honest
·         End on a positive note
And after the interview
·         Give some additional information, if needed.
(Note) You should know, when you are going to submit your work, and make everything clear before going to start your job. Fix your rate on the interview, either you are going to charge hourly basis or daily basis.

Finally, Submit your work and get paid

Once you completed the project, just submit the project to your client. You will get paid through.
ü  Payoneer
ü  Skill
ü  PayPal
ü  Direct Deposit/ACH
Earn Money With oDesk

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