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Contact Facebook Team
Are you troubling in logging in to your account? Do you need assistance in managing your account? Are your questions not being answered by anyone? You do not have to suffer in this quagmire and confusion anymore, because there is Facebook team out there to solve your problems. Hence, Facebook is the second most popular and emerging social media tool; one third of the world`spopulation is getting mesmerized by Facebook; it contains all the bio data, pictures, videos, pages, groups and a lot more important information about the Facebook users. But, if unfortunately your account gets hacked by someone and you could not recover your account, then how can you recover it?
There are certain reasons that we want you to contact 'Facebook Help team ' even through your phone to get your problem solved. If you are being stalked or spammed by the hacker, then you really need to contact the Facebook Help team  as soon as possible. Along with that, if you want to report any infraction or if someone else is bothering you to access your account, or you are struggling in managing your account for some reasons or you may want to delete your account permanently, then Facebook Help team is there to be contacted.

Contact Facebook Team via Email

Before contacting Facebook Team, you should find out your problem first. I mean, do you got account problem, logging-in problems, privacy problems, contacting problem etc, because you need separate Email support contact forms. Therefore you should email the respective authority. These are some contact emails, through which you can get assistance.
If you are troubling to logging-into your account, you can use this email address (login@facebook.com)
If you need any kind of information you can contact through this email (info@facebook.com)
If your account is Disable, you can contact Facebook team with this email (disabled@facebook.com)
If you need to contact Facebook team regarding your privacy concerns, just contact through this email (privacy@facebook.com)
If you want to figure out something or you want to appeal, just email Facebook team with this ID (appeals@Facebook.com)
If you are facing any unknown warning from any one, you can contact with this email (warning@facebook.com)

Contact Forms

As Facebook is the largest social network being used so, all the information about people is on there . Therefore sometimes they face many problems associated with their accounts and links and they need to get rid of them. You can just contact through these forms, because the forms help you out quickly. Some contact forms include...

Contact Facebook Though Postal Addresses

Facebook, Inc 1601 S.California Ave
Palo Alto, CA 94304
UK Office
 42 Earlham Street WC2H 9LJ London
India Office
Hi-tech City Main Rd,  Hitech City
Hyderabad, Andra Pradesh

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