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Facebook Chatstickers
Well, Facebook has introduced custom Facebook Chatstikers for its users. Previously it was only available for Android and iOS messengers but now it has been also available for PC and MACs. Chatstickers are simply emotions, feelings and smileys in visual pictures. These stickers are illustrations of different characters. Once you add Chatstickers on Facebook, you are no longer to remember difficult codes to create smileys on chat messenger. It has made chat more user-friendly and more comfortable for each and every user.  Sometime its quite difficult to express your emotions and feelings for others, therefore Facebook has introduced different emotional stickers to express your feelings.

How To Add Stickers On Facebook?

There are so many ways to add stickers on Facebook but I am going to give you two ways.
Add stickers through your chat.

Step 1. Open your chat window and click on emotions
Facebook Chatstickers

Step 2. Just click on a sticker which you want to send
Step 3. You can add more stickers to your chat room by clicking on "stickers stores" add button on the right side
Or you can add "Mogicons" to your browser
Step 1. Visit Mogicons.com
Step 2. Click "Add-On" button on middle top
Facebook Chatstickers

Step 3. Download for Chrome and Firefox from below right. 
Facebook Chatstickers

Once you add Mogicons on your browser, you will see a small icon in comments and status of Facebook. Just choose an emoticon from the pop-up window and send it to your friends and family. For more interesting articles just like my blog, thanks.  

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