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These are top 15 killer mistakes, you should avoid on your blog, because Google crawlers and spiders don't like errors and mistakes on a site. So let's jump to see all top 15 killers mistakes, which normally do bloggers on their site.
killer mistakes to avoid

1. Choosing the Wrong Niche

Selecting a good niche is the most difficult part while starting blogging, because to figure out your own potential and your niche potential is quite difficult. Therefore always come up with market research.

2.  Covering Too Much Topics

When I started blogging back 2012, I did this mistake. I was covering too much topics but latter on I realized that, it's better to choice a single niche rather than too much topics. When you select single niche, you will focus more on the particular niche, while if you select too much topics, then you will unable to write articles on each and every topics.

3.  Too much self promotion

Yeah, it happens all the time with the blogger, they promote their selves  rather than their blogs. Self promotion will not make your blog popular, because people actually don't like it. It's better to promote your blog instead of self promotion.

4.  lack of Consistency

Well, blogging need lots of patients and consistency, because you cannot become millionaire within a day. I will give you some examples of bloggers, who had struggle so many years to achieve success, such as Syed Balkhi of wpbeginners.com, Darren of problogger.com etc. They had started their journey in 2006 and now they are getting the benefits. It mean blogging need consistency but unfortunately many bloggers not showing this consistency on their blogs.

5.    Poor Writing

Blogging is all about writing quality of content, but writing quality of content is not an easy job. Poor writing will decrease your ranking as well as lack of interest of your readers. Poor writing another mistake bloggers are doing. Therefore always come up with great content and improve your writing skills.

6.   Not Guest Posting and Comments

You cannot imagine the power of guest posting and comments, because it will increase your blog ranking through backlinks. If you haven't started guest posting and commenting on other blogs yet, all you need to start it today, because it will visible your site on search engine. Search engine rank your articles according to backlinks on your site. So never do this mistake.

7.    Not Promoting Your Blog

Promote promote and promote your blog as much as you can, because you have to visible your site on each and every social network. Through which you can get more visitors on your site. More visitors mean, more popularity and more popularity means more revenue and more revenue means more profit. On Google AdWord each day billions of dollars are investing for promotion of their websites through ads. It means promotion play an important role to visible your site to the rest of the world.

8.   Not Doing SEO

SEO is one of the greatest techniques to visible your site on search engine. If you haven't did this technique yet, all you need a Complete SEO Guide for learning. In SEO keyword play an important role, therefore always do keyword research through Google AdWord Keyword Planner. Just search a keyword and select those keywords which are highly monthly searched with low competition.

9.  Not Submitting your Blog to Webmaster Tool

Still majority of bloggers haven't submitted their blogs to Google, Bing and Yahoo Webmaster Tools. If you haven't submitted your blog yet, all you need to submit your blog through this blogging tutorials.

10. Quantity Over Quality

Google not only see quantity, it sees the quality of the content on your site. If you have written a quality article with 350 words and written another article with 1000 words. It will rank better the quality article instead of quantity article. If you want to write brief, then write it with quality, because Google like brief quality articles as well.

11. Ignoring Keyword Research

Keyword play an important role to visible your site on search engine.  If you haven't did keyword research yet, all you need to do right it now, because search engine rank your posts through keywords.
Use GoogleAdWord Keyword Planner for keyword research.

12.  Too Many Ads on Your Blog

If you had added too many Ads on your blog, visitors will bounce back quickly, because they don't like too many Ads. Try to insert Ads on the sidebar, so it cannot disturb your visitors.
Money Making Purpose Ads
Money making purpose Ads should be placed on the header and sidebar. Don't miss with your readers by placing too many Ads.
Popup Ads
I personal don't like Popup Ads, because they bother me a lot. Popup Ads will shift your visitors to another site as well as they are inconvenient for the users.

13.  Worst Blog Designing

Blog designing play an important role to visible your content in a better way. Worst blog designing can increase the bounce rate of your blog, because users will not stay longer. If you want to make your blog more professional, all you need to learn these blog designing tutorials.

14. WordPress Mistakes

Here I have categorized 18 WordPress Mistakes through which you can avoid WordPress mistakes. If you are using WordPress platform, better to read all these 18 WordPress mistakes.

15. Blogger Mistakes

When people create a blog first time, they are not doing crawl settings, due to which Google Spiders and Crawlers not crawl their site. Secondly some bloggers are not submitting their blogs to Google, Bing and Yahoo webmaster tools and also they do not add Google Analytics.

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