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Facebook Timeline When You Die
Facebook is going to celebrate its eleventh birthday on 3 February, as it has started its journey in 2004.   As we know that, Facebook is the second largest website on the internet. Every day about 180 million people log-into their Facebook accounts, just imagine how many had died during these 10 years. Today I am going to tell you what would happen to your Facebook timeline when you die?
Facebook has three main FAQ sections
Deceased Individual's Account
Memorializing The Account
Requesting to Delete the Account

How to Request for Deceased Person's Account?

If any person passed away, their relative can contact Facebook to block his account through this "ContactForm". 

How to Save Memorial Page of a Person in Facebook?

If a Person died and you want to save memories of his/her life, all you need to visit "Facebook Memorialized Account Page". Make sure you are provide evidence of that person.

How to look Back the Content of the Loved One Who has Passed Away?

First, you have to request to Facebook from this Contact Form.  Just fill up the details with his/her timeline profile link and send to Facebook. They can provide you all contents, which include videos, pictures, statuses, and events which he/she has participated.

An App, which Handles Your Last Message

If I Die, is an application which explains different things can happen to your account, when you die. If I Die app allows you to make a video or a message, which sends when you die. You can add that video or message to this Form

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