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Guest Posting
Well well well, this is the best opportunity for all freelancer writer, who want to make money by simply writing articles for other blogs. You will amazed to see  all these Top 10 Blogs Paying $50+ For Guest Posting. If you got persuasive writing skills, you can generate handsome amount of money by simply writing articles for others. Previously, I have written an article about top 5 websites paying more than $50 per post. If you got some problems while approving yourself on those sites, you don't have to worry, because these top 10 sites will easily approve you as a guest writer. In previous top 5 websites, they are accepting freelancers coming from US and UK but these top 10 sites will not see freelancers location. So let's jump to see all those top 10 blogs, who are paying $50+ for guest posting.

1- She Knows

$50+ for guest posting
SheKnows is one of the best website for freelancers, because this site can pay you $60 on per guest post. All you need to write article with SheKnows style. It offers to write on topics like Entertainment, living, beauty, health, parenting, food etc.
SheKnows: Sign-up
Topics: Entertainment, Beauty, Love, Food etc
Global Rank: 2,561
Per Guest Post Payment: $60


$50+ for guest posting
WPMU is another great site to write guest article. You will amazed to see their payments for single blog post. They are paying $500 for an epic post, $300 for a premium post and $200 for a WordPress tutorial. If you are an expert of WordPress tutorials, all you need to join this site and get paid for writings.
WPMU: Sign-up
Topics: WordPress, Blogging, Tutorials
Global Rank: 1,468
Per Guest Post Payment: $500, $300, $200

3- The Krazy CouponLady

Well, this site is mostly suitable for girls and those women who stay at home and work, because these topics associated with their lives. This site offers to write article on family and parenting, fashion and style, home and gardening, couponing and finance etc. If you are spending mostly of your time on your home, all you need to join this site and get paid $50 per post.
The Krazy Coupon Lady: Sign-up
Topics: Fashion, Home, Entertainment, Family, Finance
Global Rank: 7,529
Per Guest Post Payment: $60

4- Listverse

I personally like this site, because there mostly topics are related to entertainments, such as TV, music, games, movies, food, health, sport, travel etc. If your niche is based on entertainments and you got the persuasive skill, all you need to join Listverse and make money.
SheKnows: Sign-up
Topics: Entertainment, Sports, Music, Traveling
Global Rank: 3,722
Per Guest Post Payment: $60

5- A List Apart

If you are a computer web development student, you can generate handsome amount of money from this site, because this site offers to write on topics related to web designing and web development. Nowadays, JavaScript and CSS coding has changed web development techniques. Don't be shy, just join this site, if you got the talent and make some bucks.
A List Apart: Sign-up
Topics: Web Development and Web Designing
Global Rank: 9,703
Per Guest Post Payment: $60

6- Photoshop Tutorials

Now this is the easiest task to do, all you need to learn Photoshop and make some tutorials of your own and send it to this site. If they like your work, you will get paid $50 per tutorial. In some cases they are paying even more than $50. A friend of mine told me, that she has earned $1000 from this site. If you are an expert on Photoshop, all you need to join this amazing website
 Photoshop Tutorials: Sign-up
Topics: Photoshop Tutorials, Designing
Global Rank: 38,930
Per Guest Post Payment: $60

7- Developer Tutorials

This site is best suitable for computer science guy, because they are offering guest articles on PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop, MySQL and Linux etc. If you are good at coding or even good at Photoshop, all you need to free join this site and earn money online.
Developer Tutorials : Sign-up
Topics: PHP, Illustration, Linux, MySQL, Java etc
Global Rank:323,974
Per Guest Post Payment: $50-$100

8- World Start

This site offers to write articles on computer tips and related accessories. If you are not an expert on coding, you don't have to worry, because writing article on computer is quite an easy job. You just have to visit some tech blogs and learn how they have written articles on different topics. If you are an expert, you don't have to visit tech blogs, all you need to join this site. 
World Start: Sign-up
Topics: Computer hardware/software tips
Global Rank: 66,657
Payment:250 words $25
                400 words $40
                600 words $45
                800 words $50

9- Intense Blog

If your site is based on blogging, such as blogging tutorials, web designing, WordPress, and internet marketing, all you need to join Intense Blog. This is the most easiest of the rest, because making a blog tutorial or writing an article on WordPress is quite an easy job. Therefore all you need to join this site and make some bucks.  
Intense Blog: Sign-up
Topics: WordPress, Blogging, Web Design, Internet Marketing etc
Global Rank: 118,169 
Payment: $20-$50
Well, in dollar stretcher the payment method is quite different from the rest. They are paying @0.10 per word, all you need to write more and more to get more dollars. The offers to write on variety of content, such as on money, autos,  family, food, lifestyle, kids etc. I personally like this site, because you can even earn more than above site, if you got persuasive and creative writing skills. Just join this site and earn some bucks.
The Dollar Stretcher: Sign-up
Topics: Food, Money, Lifestyle, Family etc
Global Rank: 104,362

Payment: $0.10 per word

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