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Make money from fiverr
Fiverr is one of the best online marketplace, which acts as a middle platform between seller and buyer. In which each service is started at a cost of $5/job done. This site sells services on different things, like video editing, content writing, photo editing, online services, etc. On each service you will get paid 5$, from which 20% is charged by Fiverr site. In Fiverr "Gig" is a term used for any service or product available for selling. Now Fiverr has introduced a new term as "Extra Gig" as well, due to which Fiverr earnings increased by tenfold.

How it works?

In Fiverr you can sell micro products and services (gigs) for $5. Once you create an offer and sell out for 10 times, then you can add extras charges to your gigs. Once you create and submit a gig, it will automatically listed in Fiverr directory.
Skills required to make a Gig are..
Web Designing/Development
Video Rendering/Creation
Make Presentation
SEO Works
Logo Designing etc

How to create a gig?

First of all, you have to "Signup" at Fiverr, then you have to click on "My Sales" on right-top of drop down menu. It will lead to "Add a New Gig" just click on it and fill it. Your title should be attractive to capture the interest of others. If you are good at anything, you can add some samples of your past work as well, so people can feel comfortable to get your services.

What are the levels in Fiverr?

There are three levels in Fiverr
Level 1
If you want to achieve Level 1 on Fiverr then you have to make 10 sales with no negative rating. Level 1 is very important for each user, because once you achieve it, you will be able to sell many other gigs with high charges, which can be up to 20$.
Level 2
It is a tough level for beginners, because you have to make 50 sales in 2 months with a good rate. Once you get Level 2 then you can get some more features through which you can charge up to $40.
Level 3 (Top Rated Seller)
 This Level is very tough, because Fiverr team manually picks the Top Rated Sellers. If you want to achieve Level 3, then you have to make 100% tremendous rating sales. If you achieve Level 3, you will be on the roof of the world, because here the earning rate is very high as compare to others.

Which kind of Gigs are famous and go viral in Fiverr?

Well it depends on your creativity as well as on your work, secondly at Fiverr some gigs go viral, such as SEOWork, Logo Designing, Audio/Video Editing/creation, Graphics and Content Writing. People who are good at Designing, content writing, Graphics, SEO Works and Video Editing, they can earn handsome amount of money and also maintain a good profile at Fiverr.
Tips to sell more Gigs
Make your gig Unique from the rest
Work Credible and unique
Select most searched Keyword
Add an Attractive Image
Videos bring more traffic than others
Ask People for Feedbacks
Share your Gigs on Social Networks
Commenting On Blogs

Be Patient. You can't become millionaires overnight. 

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