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fake accounts in facebook
According to a recent statistics, about 10% of Facebook users have created fake accounts out of 1.25 billion users.Now you can see profile pictures of 1.2 billion Facebook users as well. Fake Accounts include, hackers, criminals, spammer, stocker etc. An application "FakeOff App" has been made to check the abnormal activity of a user within a year. This app has figure out  25% Fake Accounts out of 15,000 within two months. They said, it was quite difficult to figure out all the accounts, because some are acting like real accounts. Till now this app has estimated 8% accounts duplicated and 2% accounts being count un-desirable.
If you want to identify an account of a user either its real or fake, all you need to install this app on your computer.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1- To connect this app with Facebook, you need to click on "FakeOFFApp" 
Step 2- Connect with Facebook and click on "Okay" button
Step 3- Wait for a while, so it can grab your friend list and show your all friends. If you know the suspected user, all you need to click on " Let's Check Him/Her"
Step 4- Just click on "Start Basic Investigation" through which you can know, either that account is fake or real?
Step 5- Now you will be asked few questions, all you have to answer and click on "Submit and get Basic Results". Just wait around 2 to 4 minutes, because app is going to investigate all of its information.

 Step 6- Now this app will display a final score to let you know, either this account is fake or real. To get more interesting articles like this, please like this blog.

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