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Facebook Facts and Figures
More than 1.2 billion people on earth are using Facebook and now you can see profile pictures of those 1.2 billion people as well. Facebook is the second largest website behind Google. The competition of Facebook with Google is going on and on, last year Facebook has surpassed Google on total time spent on internet. Now Facebook become the third largest video website behind Yahoo and Youtube, containing 47 million viewers.
You will amazed to see these Fascinating Facebook Facts and Figures as listed below.
1.       1 out of 13 people on internet is on Facebook
2.      72% of American people are using Facebook
3.      Every half an hour 1,485,000 events are created
4.      Every half an hour 1.9 million friend requests are sent
5.      Every half an hour, 1,852,000 statuses are created
6.      Every half an hour 1,000,000 links are created on Facebook
7.      Every half an hour, 2,715,000 photos have been uploaded
8.      Every half an hour, 10 million comments are posted on different posts
9.      Every half an hour, 1,586,000 wall posts are written on Facebook
10.   Every half an hour, 2,717,000 messages have been sent
11.    More than 17,000,000 Facebook fan pages have been created till now
12.   50% young generation check their Facebook updates when they wake up
13.   The average user on Facebook got 130 friends
14.   45% people spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
15.   People interact with 900 million objects, like Events, Pages, Communities, Groups etc
16.   About 30 billion pieces of content has been shared on each month through links, news, blog posts, photos etc
17.   250 million plus users are using Facebook through mobile devices
18.   You probably don't know the meaning of "Poke"
19.   Australian people are spending more time than others, they spend 7 hours on average per month
20.  Facebook is now worth of $82 billion plus
21.   A hoodie has been sold for $4,000 by a Facebook employee on eBay
22.  Most of Facebook income is generated from advertising and virtual products
23.  ConnetU claimed that Mark Zuckerburg (CEO of Facebook) has stolen the idea of Facebook, but now it's settled out of court
24.  More than 665 million users are active each day
25.  Mobile revenue has been increased from 23% to 30%

Source: These Facebook facts and figures are taken from Jeffbullas, Hugingtonpost and Mashable websites.

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  1. It would be useful to know where these facts have come from and the method used to collate them. Some of these findings are very interesting to media researchers; however, your facts, without stating how they were researched, leaves them empirically invalid. Great facts, but a shame that they cannot be used for scholarly research. - Student studying English Language and New Media.

    1. Source: These Facebook facts and figures are taken from Jeffbullas, Hugingtonpost and Mashable websites.
      Visit these sites to get more accurate data


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