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Best and Worst Practices
If you want to visible your site on search engine through White Hat SEO techniques, all you need to read these Best and Worst Practices of SEO checklist. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are following all these rules and regulation to rank your posts on search engines. This checklist will help you to better understand search Spiders and Crawlers.

Best Practice
Keywords in Title
Always use keywords on the <title> tag
Not Use
Keywords in URL
Use the same title keywords on the URL
Not Use
Keyword Density
2-6% keyword density for major keywords and 1-3% for minor
More Than 6%
Keywords in Heading
Use keywords on <H1>,<H2>, and <H3> tagetc
Use in Headings
Not Use
Keywords Font Size
It matter, because it give a unique message to Spiders
Bold, Use in Headings etc
Vice Versa
Keywords in Anchor Text
Important, use it for inbound links to get a vote for your blog
Inbound links
Not Using
Keywords at the Beginning
Not as much important as title, URL and Anchor text, but useful
Good to Use
Not Using
Keywords in Meta Tags
Better to write yourself, if you not use it Google will automatically pick a meta tag for your post
Write Yourself
Leave for Google
Keywords in Alt Tags
Crawler and Spiders reads <alt> tags not your image, therefore write keywords on property of image
Use keywords in <alt> tags
Vice Versa
Podcasts and Videos
If non-textual videos Spiders and Crawler will unable to read the Video
With Typescripts
Without Typescripts
Keyword Phrases
Use keyword phrases for several keywords to get more users, because you are including more keywords at once, like ("SEO" "Guide" "For" "Beginners")
Better to Use
Keyword Proximity
Use keywords closer each other, like "Make Money Online" rather than "Make some money from online" etc
Keywords should be Closer
Words between Keywords
Keyword Stemming
Related words with keywords also play an important role, such as "Make Money Blogging" with "Make Money Online"
If Necessary?
If not?
Synonyms are good for English version blogs, but not useable for other languages
If wordings are in English
Secondary Keywords
Not Use Secondary Keywords
Use of Secondary Keywords
Mistype Keywords
Christmas and Xmas are two different words, better to use the word when you have chosen
Free from Grammatical Errors
With Grammatical Errors
.edu and .gov Links
Google like .edu and .gov links instead of .com,. info, .biz sites.
Accept Links from .edu and .gov sites
Not Accepting Links from .edu and .gov sites
Inbound Links
Accept Inbound Links for high Google PR and Vice Versa
With high PR
With Less PR
Internal Links
Not as important as Inbound Links, but useful some how
Better to Use
Not Use
Age of Inbound Links
Age of Inbound Links matter, because Google sees, how many time Inbound Links are Linked
The older, the better
Relies on current Inbound Links
Many Outgoing Links
Google also don't like many outgoing links from your site
Use less than 100 Outgoing links on a page
Use more than 100 outgoing Links on a page
Link Spamming
Excessive Links from one site might considered as Link Spamming
Not excessive Links
Rely on Link Spamming
Quality Content
Using unique and quality content can boost your blog ranking
Creating Unique and Quality Content
Not Creating Unique and Quality Content
Update Regularly
Good activity, but keep in mind that, make small update will decrease your ranking to existing content
Lots of Pages with quality Content
Few Pages with not Updating
Size of File
Better to use (500 to 1000) words pages, Google don't like too lengthy pages like 5000 words etc
500 t0 1000 Words Average
More than 1500 Words

Poor Coding will destroy your site, because Google will unable to crawl properly
Responsive Coding
Poor Coding
Another important factor to visible your site on search engine
Properly Designed
Broken Designing
Copy Right Content
If you are using copyrighted content, you will be penalized soon, because of violations
Create Content Yourself
Copy Paste Materials of Other's
Duplicate Content
If you are using same content on different pages to make your site larger
Original Content
Duplicate Content
Using of invisible text for Spiders and Crawler instead of humans
Using White Hat SEO
Using Black Hat SEO
JavaScript Coding
If used from trusted sources, its good and secondly, if you want to fool spiders then it's bad
Properly JavaScripted then good
Want to make fool Spiders
Site Accessibility
Your site should support custom 404 errors and should not be high password-protected
Easy to Accessible for Spiders
Vice Versa
Domain URL with Keyword
It will bring more users, if you are containing domain URL with Keywords
Domain URL with Keyword
Domain Age
Google like old domains, older sites get more respect from Google
More than 1 Year
Less than One Year
If your hosting is downtime while Google crawls it might decrease your ranking
Purchase Hosting from reputed Company
Purchasing Hosting from downtime company
Sitemap is another important Factor to visible your site on search engine
Sites with Sitemap
Not using Sitemap properly
When redirects 301 and 302 are not properly applied, Google will consider it as a Black Hat SEO
Redirects Working Properly
Redirects are not working properly
Size of Your Site
Google love large site with lots of pages in it
Create More and More Content with pages
Less Content Small Size
Theme of Your Site
Your theme should be clean and responsive for search engine's spiders
Properly Designed
With scratches
Domain URL length
Well small is better instead of longer one. Google consider longer URLs as spammy URLs
2-4 words URL is better
More than 4 words are not beneficial
Google AdSense
Google AdSense will increase your earnings but not ranking, therefore not rely on AdSense
Makes No Difference
Here too
Google AdWords
It will also increase your traffic but not affect your site ranking
Makes No Deference
Here too

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