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 White and Black Hat SEO

White Hat (Ethical) SEO

White hat SEO means the usage of optimizing strategies, tactics and techniques, which follows search engine rules and regulations. White hat SEO practices and techniques include, organic searches, keywords, link building, backlinking etc.  They are consider to be beneficial and usable designs.

Black Hat (Un-Ethical) SEO

Black hat SEO is not a human audience, which refers to aggressive SEO techniques and tactics, which does not obey search engine rules and regulations. Black hat SEO techniques include invisible texts, doorway pages, keyword stuffing, page swapping, etc, which is consider to be an odd activity.

Differences Between White and Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

It tends to produce results, that last for a long period
Benefiting for short term instead of long term
Search engine will not banned white hat
Search engine will get the site ban
In White Hat SEO, page is relevant to the keywords, being used in the search engine
While in Black Hat SEO, page is irrelevant to the keywords, which will disappoint the visitors
Follows search engine guidelines and no deception
Does not follow search engine guidelines and with deception
Creates content for the users rather than the search engines
Creates content for the search engines only
It makes the content easily accessible to the spiders instead of to game the algorithm
Provides different content to humans and entirely different to search engines
It does not mean to trick the users and the search engines
Means to trick the audience plus search engines
Creating quality content

Keyword optimization


Link building

Link popularity

Doing all legal activities to gain more traffic 

Keyword stuffing

Domain spam

Page swapping


Link Farming etc to gain more traffic

As you have read the differences between White and Black Hat SEO and I think you have figure out that, Black Hat SEO can bring more traffic to your blog but not lasting for longer period of time. Soon Google will ban Black Hat SEO but not White Hat SEO, therefore you should use White Hat SEO to bring long lasting visitors from search engines. 

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  1. i prefer to use white hat for long term benefit to my blog

    1. Yes White Hat SEO can bring long lasting visitors from search engines.
      @ Blogger Lelaki How well SEO is working on your site?

  2. I like the way you explained all the points. My request is don’t hire Lee Traupel Frauds online for SEO Service because he providing only black hat SEO techniques.


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