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Facebook Account Hacked
As we know that, Facebook is the second largest website on the internet. In 2012, it was valued at $104 billion and by January 2014, its market capitalization had risen to over $134 billion. Until now, 1.23 billion users are active and you can see all those profile picture, in which 945 million were identified mobile users. The company is going to celebrate its eleventh anniversary in 3rd February, 2015, as it is started in 2004. Due to its popularity, many hackers are there on Facebook, they are active to make some money through hacking accounts of others. If your Facebook account hacked and you want to recover your account, all you need to follow the following tips.

Change Your Password

In case if you realize that your account is using by someone else, then you should do some immediate changes, like change your password. In this case you are lucky that your account is not been fully hacked. Change your password can be an option for you, you can change the password from this site.

Report to Facebook

Here you have to visit this site. Once you open the link, you will found a description, Just click on My Account is Compromised Button. Next you will be asked some question like, enter your email address and username. The email and username can verify your account, now you have to just reset your email and password. This time select a strong password, you can use secure password by using the following figures. Don’t forget to change your security question as well, because the hacker might again approach.

Scan your computer

First, you have to scan your computer from malicious files, such as Trojan horse virus and keylogger. Hacker normally sending Trojan, keylogger and other malwares to get access to your computer, then they can easily hack your account. Just update your antivirus and scan your computer, it might help.

Send Maximum Reports

If you did all possible attempts but not succeed, then all you need to inform all your friends to report on Facebook about your account. Facebook needs maximum reports to delete  that hacked account. Or
If you want to recover your mail or login problem visit this site
If you want to recover your password visit this site

Use the following rules to strengthen your password

Use @ instead of a
Use $ instead of s
Use 0 instead of o
Use ! instead of i  Now Like Damien become D@m!n
Or you can use Newpasswordgenerator to make your password strong.

You might want to know how hackers hack a Facebook account

Well, I know the complete process of hacking an account, but I don't want to share, because it’s unethical, anyone might miss use of it. Different people hack account with different approaches, but majority of them are using keylogging and Phishing etc. Keylogging is a sort of computer virus, which tracks keystrokes. It means when you are pressing your keyboard, then the Keylogger send the data to the crackers. If you want to prevent your computer from Keylogging virus, just follow some tips like.
Always update your Antivirus
Always click and download software from trusted links
Always scan third parties flash drive
Always install legal browser extension, like Google extension etc.
Phishing is like spam mails and links, you have seen these spam email and links, which includes tracking and side script tracking coding. Each day hundreds of spam links and comments are directed to my account, I just marked them spam. So, if you want to prevent your account from Phishing, just follow the following steps.

Never click on suspicious links, if you want to check it either it’s a spam link or an original link, just place cursor on the hyperlink and see below its original link. "Stay safe"

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