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Delete All Facebook Messages
You want to delete all Facebook messages and protect your site from unwanted messages, you came on the right side, because I am going to make a step-by-step tutorial through which you can delete all Facebook messages at once. Deleting messages one-by-one in Facebook is a tough job, therefore you need an application which delete all messages at a time. There are no such option in Facebook through which you can delete all messages. Messages in Facebook are saved in archives and when a user send a new message, it shows all previous messages. If you want to delete all those previous messages, all you need to follow these few steps, through which you can easily delete all Facebook Messages. 

How to Delete All Facebook Messages

Step 1- First Sign-into your Facebook account, and go to Google Chrome browser, you have to save "Facebook Fast Delete MessagesExtension on your browser.

Step 2- Just save the extension and go to your inbox, and delete all those messages which you want to delete, through this "Facebook Fast Delete Messages" Extension.  

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