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If you want to change background layout on Facebook timeline, you came on the right site, because today I am going to give you different ways through which you can easily change background layout of Facebook timeline. If you got an image then its size should be 1930 × 1050. There is no any direct method, through which you can easily change the background layout but there is third party involved and they are providing that service for you.

Use Google Chrome Plug-in to change Background Layout on Facebook

If you are using Google Chrome, all you need to add this Plug-in on your browser. This Plug-in is save and you can easily install it.

Use Google Chrome Extension to change Facebook Theme

If you are getting rid of old Facebook theme, all you need to install this extension to your browser. This extension has lots of themes, through which you can easily change Facebook theme according to your choice. You can change colors, background layout and many other things through this beautiful extension.

Use Firefox to change Background Color on Facebook

As we know that, some of our users are using Firefox, therefore they need a Firefox extension to change background color on Facebook. You can easily add this extension to change Background color on Facebook. 

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