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Font Sizes in WordPress
Typography play an important role in displaying your content in a better way. Adding more font sizes in WordPress is not a difficult job, all you need to install a plugin or insert some codes in CSS Editor. You have seen this in many blogs, that people keep a bigger font size, because they think, through which they can grab the attentions of their readers. Majority of themes have visual editor modes, through which you can easily change font size, but if your theme is not supporting on changing of font sizes, you can easily change through following methods.

Change Font Sizes through WordPress visual editor

WordPress give some font sizes options for its users, like paragraphs, H1 to H6, through which you can easily change a font size according to your choice. Headings play an important role in Search Engine Optimization SEO, because headings give more emphasis on SEO while ranking your posts. Therefore try to include more and more heading tags in your content, if you want to rank your content in a better way, all you need to include headings in your content. Secondly, headings will make your content more scanable, because it is dividing content in different paragraphs. If you are not satisfied with the current visual editors, you can go for second option.

Change Font Sizes through WordPress Plugins

Well, there are bunch of Plugins to change your font style. If you want to install more visual features to your WordPress blog, all you need to install TinyMCE Advanced. Once you install, this Plugin, you will found some variety of font sizes options, through that drop down options; you can select feasible and scan able font size for your blog. Another main advantage of this Plugin is that, you can even change the font size smaller than its normal font size, like 8pt to 10pt etc.
You can also use some other Plugins like

(Note) If you want to change the font size of entire post content, then do not use TinyMCE plugin, because, once you change the theme, your font sizes will be change, but you can use it for headings tags.

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