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Google Manual Search Penalty
Yesterday, I written an article on “Why new bloggers hate Google AdSense?” and we figure out that, it got strict terms and conditions, therefore new blogger hate AdSense. Secondly, sometimes Google penalty its users, when they start violating its rules and regulations. When we are talking about penalty, it’s like “Come to the principal’s office or fear of something” and even sometime consequences are far worse. This guide will help you to “recover from Google manual search penalty” if you have ever been hit with a manual penalty from Google.

What is Manual Search Penalty?

There are two types of SEO penalties Manual and Algorithmic.
Manual Search Penalty occurs, when a real human penalizes your site at Google, which causing you to be delisted, eventually you even lose your site ranking. SEOs experts call an “unnatural link penalty” for this type of penalties.
On the other hand, Algorithm Penalty refers to a penalty that Google algorithm inflicts upon your site automatically. It is normally caused by SEO factors, which conflict with quality standards of the algorithm. The Algorithm Penalty will decrease or loss your site search engine ranking.
You have penalty for Manual Search or Algorithm, the consequence will be the same, and your site loses rank. The process of recovery is different for both penalties. Today this article will only discuss Manual Search Penalty recovery; the next article will be on “How to recover from Algorithm Penalty?”

How to know that my site has been Manually Penalized or not?

The easy way to know about Manually Penalized is, if you’ve receive such kind of message from Google via Google Webmaster Tools. The message will look like this.
Google Manual Search Penalty

How to Recover from a Manual Penalty?

The manual penalty will not go anywhere magically unless you solve it. The longer time you take the longer your site will languish in penalty prison.

1-      Stop doing other things

Unfortunate, if you have been Manually Penalized, just stop doing other things. You have to clean up your site, fix 404s, start updating your blog, eliminate keyword stuffing, delete duplicate content etc. You have to work on removing Manual Search Penalty instead of improving onsite SEO etc.

2-     Download backlinks (unnatural links pointed to your site)

One of the main reasons behind Manual Penalty is due to “artificial and unnatural link pointed to your site”. To fix these toxic links you have to download links from Webmaster Tools.
ü  Sign-in to Google Webmaster Tools.
ü  Go to “Search Traffic”.
ü  Click “links to your site”.
ü  Click “More >> who links the most”.
ü  Click “Download latest links”.
Now just destroy the offending links, which have been pointed to your site.

How to identify low-quality backlinks?

Now identify the domain authority of all links by using BULKDACHECKER, which allows you to check the DA of all links.
ü  Export all the links with corresponding DAs to Excel.
ü  Now copy the links to Google Drive.
ü  Just highlight the links, those DA below 25 and remove those links. However, if you trust a link whose DA is below 25, keep them, but be careful.

3-     Identify Spammy Sites from the list

ü  Just create another tab with “Spammy Links” and copy every link, which are not highlighted.
ü  Now you have to visit every site, (Yes) one-by-one. “When in doubt get them out
ü  Review each site carefully and highlight each one that looks spammy.

How should you find a site is spammy?

ü  Sites like Porn and Gambling etc
ü  Sites like Directory and Listing etc
ü  Garbled code sites
ü  Sites like Free-hosting etc

4-    Appeal/Request to removal the link

ü  Here you have to copy all the highlighted links “DA low than 25” and spammy and SEO violating backlinks.
ü  Now open a new tap and named it “link to remove” and paste on it.

Now take the following steps

ü  You have to visit all website one-by-one from where you have received a backlink.
ü  On each site, you have to find a contact “An Email ID”.
ü  Now open a new tap titled “Email Addresses”
ü  Send request email, which include some wording like “We have discovered a link from your page (include their link) to our site (include your blog/website link), which may causing an unnatural link penalty from Google. I am in trouble please removing this link, I will be very thankful to you etc.
Hope This Article Helped You.

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