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How to Identify Fake Accounts in Facebook?

fake accounts in facebook
According to a recent statistics, about 10% of Facebook users have created fake accounts out of 1.25 billion users.Now you can see profile pictures of 1.2 billion Facebook users as well. Fake Accounts include, hackers, criminals, spammer, stocker etc. An application "FakeOff App" has been made to check the abnormal activity of a user within a year. This app has figure out  25% Fake Accounts out of 15,000 within two months. They said, it was quite difficult to figure out all the accounts, because some are acting like real accounts. Till now this app has estimated 8% accounts duplicated and 2% accounts being count un-desirable.
If you want to identify an account of a user either its real or fake, all you need to install this app on your computer.

Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1- To connect this app with Facebook, you need to click on "FakeOFFApp" 
Step 2- Connect with Facebook and click on "Okay" button
Step 3- Wait for a while, so it can grab your friend list and show your all friends. If you know the suspected user, all you need to click on " Let's Check Him/Her"
Step 4- Just click on "Start Basic Investigation" through which you can know, either that account is fake or real?
Step 5- Now you will be asked few questions, all you have to answer and click on "Submit and get Basic Results". Just wait around 2 to 4 minutes, because app is going to investigate all of its information.

 Step 6- Now this app will display a final score to let you know, either this account is fake or real. To get more interesting articles like this, please like this blog.
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Ajbspot-Responsive Blogger Template Free Download

If your blog is all about online business, all you need to download this clean and responsiveness blogger template for your website. It can be used for magazine, newspaper, editorial or you can use it for your personal blog. It is a nice template for entertainment sites as well, such as movies, photography, music etc. Its drop-down menu help you to create a sub menu as well.
Ajbspot-Responsive Blogger Template

Main Features of Ajbspot Template

Responsive Menu
Recent Post Widget
Responsive Layout
Support 404 Error Page
Easy Widget Customize
Well Documentation
Slider Show
Category Widget
Slider Comments
Post Widget
100% Responsive
Dropdown Menu
Web Designing
Error Support
Coding Acceptor
Widget Acceptor

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How to Know Who Viewed Your Profile Recently on Facebook?

 Who Viewed Your Profile Recently
Facebook is the best platform for each and every person, because of its unique and creative features. If you are a victim of scams on Facebook and what to know who viewed your profile recently, then all you need to follow this tutorial, because I am going to make a tutorial on who visited your profile recently.  Sometime Scammers send you malware on your page and if you downloaded mistakenly, then you will be effected. You have the right to know, who viewed your profile recently.
There is not any Official option from Facebook, which facilitate you to know who viewed your profile recently, therefore you have look for a third source.
How to know who Viewed your Profile Recently
Step 1- You have to download profile visitors application from Google Chrome Browser. Note, it only work in Google Chrome.

Step 2- Once you install the application, you have to log-in to Facebook account, you will see visitors button near to notification. Just click on visitors.
Who Viewed Your Profile Recently

Step 3- Once you click on visitors button, you will find a pop-up window, which will give you a summary about recent visitors who viewed your profile recently. This application is free from malwares, therefore you can share this app on your Facebook profile, so more people can be facilitated.  

who Viewed your Profile Recently
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PinThis Pinterest WordPress Theme Free Download

PinThis v1..4.4-Pinterest is beautiful and clean WordPress Template, which comes with a stylish and customization options. It can be used for multi-purposes like personal portfolio, designer portfolio, photographer etc because it is made in a responsive flat style. If you want this dynamic stylish WordPress, all you need to free download this template. You can use this theme for your personal blog as well, because it got the pinterest sharing option, through which you can visible your content in a better way. 
PinThis Pinterest WordPress Theme

Main Features of PinThis WordPress Theme

100% Responsive
Clean Layout
Dropdown Menu
jQuery Slider
Custom Background
Author Info Widget
Admin Layout
Social Icons
Post Slider
About Us Page
Recent Gallery
Slider Comments
Support 404 Error Page
Post Formats
ü  Standard
ü  Status
ü  Image
ü  Audio
ü  Video
ü  Recent Posts
ü  Relative Posts
ü  Popular Post
ü  Subscription
ü  Social Icons

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2.0 What is White and Black Hat SEO (SEO Guide)

 White and Black Hat SEO

White Hat (Ethical) SEO

White hat SEO means the usage of optimizing strategies, tactics and techniques, which follows search engine rules and regulations. White hat SEO practices and techniques include, organic searches, keywords, link building, backlinking etc.  They are consider to be beneficial and usable designs.

Black Hat (Un-Ethical) SEO

Black hat SEO is not a human audience, which refers to aggressive SEO techniques and tactics, which does not obey search engine rules and regulations. Black hat SEO techniques include invisible texts, doorway pages, keyword stuffing, page swapping, etc, which is consider to be an odd activity.

Differences Between White and Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

It tends to produce results, that last for a long period
Benefiting for short term instead of long term
Search engine will not banned white hat
Search engine will get the site ban
In White Hat SEO, page is relevant to the keywords, being used in the search engine
While in Black Hat SEO, page is irrelevant to the keywords, which will disappoint the visitors
Follows search engine guidelines and no deception
Does not follow search engine guidelines and with deception
Creates content for the users rather than the search engines
Creates content for the search engines only
It makes the content easily accessible to the spiders instead of to game the algorithm
Provides different content to humans and entirely different to search engines
It does not mean to trick the users and the search engines
Means to trick the audience plus search engines
Creating quality content

Keyword optimization


Link building

Link popularity

Doing all legal activities to gain more traffic 

Keyword stuffing

Domain spam

Page swapping


Link Farming etc to gain more traffic

As you have read the differences between White and Black Hat SEO and I think you have figure out that, Black Hat SEO can bring more traffic to your blog but not lasting for longer period of time. Soon Google will ban Black Hat SEO but not White Hat SEO, therefore you should use White Hat SEO to bring long lasting visitors from search engines. 
Wednesday, January 28, 2015
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Slash-Tech/Magazine Blogger Template Free Download

Slash-Tech/Magazine is a  beautiful blogger template with lots of features. You can easily customized and save your template through blogger template. With its mega menu you can easily set different menu according to your choice. 3 column layout will help you to add info on front of template page. If you want to visible your content in a better way, all you need to download this beautiful template, because it got so many features.

Main Features of Slash-Tech/Magazine Template             

Mega Menu
Category Lists
Feature Slider
Social Sharing
Responsive Ads
Feedburner For Email
Customizable Colors
Related Posts
Nice Layout
List Posts
jQuery Image Slider
404 error support
100% Responsive
Dropdown Menu
Easy to Navigate
Recent Posts

Demo          Free Download
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If Your Facebook Account Hacked? What to do and How?

Facebook Account Hacked
As we know that, Facebook is the second largest website on the internet. In 2012, it was valued at $104 billion and by January 2014, its market capitalization had risen to over $134 billion. Until now, 1.23 billion users are active and you can see all those profile picture, in which 945 million were identified mobile users. The company is going to celebrate its eleventh anniversary in 3rd February, 2015, as it is started in 2004. Due to its popularity, many hackers are there on Facebook, they are active to make some money through hacking accounts of others. If your Facebook account hacked and you want to recover your account, all you need to follow the following tips.

Change Your Password

In case if you realize that your account is using by someone else, then you should do some immediate changes, like change your password. In this case you are lucky that your account is not been fully hacked. Change your password can be an option for you, you can change the password from this site.

Report to Facebook

Here you have to visit this site. Once you open the link, you will found a description, Just click on My Account is Compromised Button. Next you will be asked some question like, enter your email address and username. The email and username can verify your account, now you have to just reset your email and password. This time select a strong password, you can use secure password by using the following figures. Don’t forget to change your security question as well, because the hacker might again approach.

Scan your computer

First, you have to scan your computer from malicious files, such as Trojan horse virus and keylogger. Hacker normally sending Trojan, keylogger and other malwares to get access to your computer, then they can easily hack your account. Just update your antivirus and scan your computer, it might help.

Send Maximum Reports

If you did all possible attempts but not succeed, then all you need to inform all your friends to report on Facebook about your account. Facebook needs maximum reports to delete  that hacked account. Or
If you want to recover your mail or login problem visit this site
If you want to recover your password visit this site

Use the following rules to strengthen your password

Use @ instead of a
Use $ instead of s
Use 0 instead of o
Use ! instead of i  Now Like Damien become D@m!n
Or you can use Newpasswordgenerator to make your password strong.

You might want to know how hackers hack a Facebook account

Well, I know the complete process of hacking an account, but I don't want to share, because it’s unethical, anyone might miss use of it. Different people hack account with different approaches, but majority of them are using keylogging and Phishing etc. Keylogging is a sort of computer virus, which tracks keystrokes. It means when you are pressing your keyboard, then the Keylogger send the data to the crackers. If you want to prevent your computer from Keylogging virus, just follow some tips like.
Always update your Antivirus
Always click and download software from trusted links
Always scan third parties flash drive
Always install legal browser extension, like Google extension etc.
Phishing is like spam mails and links, you have seen these spam email and links, which includes tracking and side script tracking coding. Each day hundreds of spam links and comments are directed to my account, I just marked them spam. So, if you want to prevent your account from Phishing, just follow the following steps.

Never click on suspicious links, if you want to check it either it’s a spam link or an original link, just place cursor on the hyperlink and see below its original link. "Stay safe"
Sunday, January 25, 2015
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Atlas Directory and Listing WordPress Theme Free Download

Atlas Directory and Listing is very attractive and beautiful WordPress theme. Through this theme you can register, edit profile, login, or you can change your membership without visit WordPress dashboard. This responsive theme is fit for companies, hotels, online shops, real estate websites or it can be use for personal blogs. The unique feature in this theme is membership system, through which you can create packages for users on your site. The best way to check its feasibility is to check its demo and then free download. 

Main Features of WordPress Theme

Responsive Design
Admin Layout
SEO Friendly
Advance Editor
Unlimited Colors
Image Gallery
Category Widget
Dropdown Menu
Post by label
Auto Post Slider
Custom Error 404 Page
Social Icons
About Us Page
Iconic Font
Admin Layout
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