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Blog as a Resolution
There is a famous quote that, “The tragedy of life is not death but what we let inside while we live”.  There are more than 7 billion people living on the earth and each one is different from others like their thumbprints. Everyone has a skill, strength and some uniqueness inside, which differentiate him/her from the rest. The biggest tragedy is not leaving that print on this world.
You have definitely made some resolutions for the New Year 2015, why not you select blog as a resolution for New Year 2015? May be after read this post “start a blog” will be added to your new list, because blogging is simply writing your thought s and publishing on internet. If you are new and haven’t a blog yet, your first impression will be, what is a blog or what is blogging, but you knows all this stuff and worried about which niche should I select for my blog?. There are tons of topics for blogging, but I recommend you to choose a niche, where your interest lies.

What are the benefits and reasons to start a blog?

Well, when blogs trend started in 90s, initially they were used as personal diaries, where people wrote their daily happenings but with the passage of time, the trend has been shifted to make money from their blogs. Afterwards, majority of people created their blogs for money purposes and there are thousands of examples, who had generated money through blogging.

1-      Source of Income

As we know that, money is an important factor for survival, there for to earn money is an important factor in our life. Generating money through your blog is quite easy; if you had good sense of understand the things and people. Why I said that, you should have good sense of understanding the things and people? I said it because; in blogging you have to understand this blogging stuff, means selecting a good domain name, choosing a best platformavoid mistakes etc and the most important thing is how to monetize your blog through with CPM ads and CPA Ads and Affiliate Programs? These are some of the sources through which you can generate handsome amount of money. So all we can say that, blog is a source of income.  

2-     Increase in your knowledge

This was my main objective, when I started blogging, and as I had written on about me page that, I want to learn and share knowledge with others. Yes, blogging will increase in your knowledge, because you have to update yourself with latest innovations and past experiences. I am searching around 10 to 20 websites and blog daily to update myself with this blogging stuff, through which I am learning a new thing each day. I personally recommend you to create your own blog, which will increase in your knowledge.

3-     Improve your writing skill with typing speed

If you started blogging, you don’t need to install a typingmaster because each day you have to write around 500 words, this will automatically increase your writing skill and typing speed. When I was doing my final degree research report, the typing speed helped me lot and this credit goes to my blog.

4-    Blog can make you popular

If you are a showbiz type guy or you want to become famous, all you need to create a blog, through which you can known around the world. There are many people which are known throughout the world with their blogs, like Daren brine, John Chow, D D etc.

5-     You become more social

Your blog popularity will go down overnight, if we eliminate social word from it, because blogging means social networking. As you have seen the social buttons of Facebook, Google plus, Twitter, stumble etc on different blog. Why a blog need a social cycle because, you message can be easily spread throughout the world. How you become more social? You become more social, because each day you will interact with different people living around the world and you will interact though commenting, liking and referring on different blogs.

Common Excuses

I am not a good writer: Well, I heard this phrase from majority of people, instead they write it well, actually they are not self confident to show their thoughts with others. Each day you are texting, talking, emailing, even you writing assignments and presentations for your studies, so don't tell me you can't write a good thing. If you are not a good writer, you can even make video blog to convey your message.
I don’t have time: Everyone has 24 hours in a day, then why you don’t have time. It all depends on managing and scheduling of your work, just carve out the time and wake up earlier before others.
I don't have topics: don't be worried about which topics should I select for my blog. There are tons of topics over there, all you need to search the best in you and work on it.

I will not be heard by others: No, you will be heard by other, because it’s not about you, but the people searching for your knowledge, so don’t be selfish with your thoughts and skills, let people to know, people need your help. Yes your articles will help someone else out there, because whatever you are searching on the search engine, it brings different article of people for you. So stand up and contribute something for the world. 

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