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make money through blogging
Many people still believed that, it’s impossible to earn money through internet. I am telling you, they are saying wrong, maybe they don’t know about the processor through which they can generate money. There are so many opportunities on the internet, through which you can generate handsome amount of money. I have categorized it into four channels. 

1-     Make money Blogging

In money blogging mostly of your income is generated from
ü  Ads
ü  Affiliate Links
ü  Info
ü  Products
ü  Membership sites
ü  Sponsored ads etc.

How to start “Make Money Blogging”?

First you have to create a blog on Blogger.com or WordPress.com.

Step 1: Choose a niche of your interest

Choose a niche where you interest lies, and do what you know, and do what you love.
Step 2: Make a Website of your own
Get Domain and Hosting Cost $25/year
Install WordPress and Plugins.

Step 3: Create quality content

Step 4: Monetize your blog

You can monetize your blog through
Google AdSense
Sponsored Ads
Buy sell Ads
Product reviews
Sponsored Posts

Step 5: You will get paid

If you have the ability to do all above, you can easily generate money through your blog. You can get money through.
Wire transfer
Western Union
Paypals etc.

2- Freelancing 

Freelancer is a person who sells services to employers without a long term agreement. He may be a writer or an artist, who is hired to do specific assignments. Field in which a freelancer is commonly includes, web design, graphic design, web development, video editing, translating, journalism, music, publications, screenwriting, filmmaking, acting, editing, copy editing etc. If you got any skill associated with freelancing, then you can earn a lot of money, simply providing your services to others. The internet has opened up many freelance job opportunities, if you are interested to earn some money you should come up with you skills and your luck
Quick to start
Learn through earning
No overheads or any load on you
Work from you room
Best use of you skill
Immediate case

How to work as a freelancer?

First you have to sign-up for freelancer.com.
Step 1: Select your niche or your specialty.
Step 2: Find or search freelance project for your potential.
Step 3: Build credibility.
Step 4: Start marketing, and do your best.
Job Categories
ü  Web and Programming
ü  Sales and Marketing
ü  Design and Multimedia
ü  Writing and Translation
ü  Admin Support
ü  Engineering and Manufacturing
ü  Finance and Management
Still you are confused that, what I am capable of? Then you have to learn a new skill for freelancer, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), learn graphic designing. Still you are not capable of this you should learn Data Entry; this is the easiest way of all over. I will give you some website of Freelance, from which you can easily understand the whole method.
Step 5: You will get paid on your online services through.
Wire transfer
Western Union
Paypals etc.

3-    Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate markets are the combinations of markets with their visitors and customers, in which businesses are rewarding each other on their marketing efforts. Which consists of four core players?
Merchant (also known as retailer or brand)
Network (contain offers)
Publisher (known as affiliate)
Customer (purchaser)
Affiliate markets often use advertising methods, which are obtained from search engine optimization (SEO) and also from email marketing, display advertising, and also content marketing.

How to start affiliate marketing?

Step 1: Find a niche or your interest.
Step 2: Create website.
Step 3: Create quality content.
Step 4: Find affiliate products/services etc.
Some affiliate services include.
Amazon Associates
Pay per click
Cost per impression
Search analytics
Web analytics
Some affiliate websites
ü  Search affiliates such as pay per click.
ü  Loyalty websites.
ü  Cause marketing, are those websites which offer charitable donations.
ü  Sale promotion websites, such as coupon, and rebate.
ü  Niche and content websites, which includes product review sites.
ü  Personal websites.
ü  E-mail and news websites.
ü  AdSense ads for the products.
ü  Video blogs include tutorials etc.
ü  File-Sharing websites.

Step 5: You will get paid through.

Wire transfer
Western Union
Paypals etc.

4-    Online Business

In online business you can sell your own products and services through online. Here your online product’s visibility plays a role of advertisement. Business blog is a kind of an advertising channel through which you can get your business in front of the people.
Some business blogging sites are.

1-      Stonyfield Farm

This blog is all about organic dairy products. Here they are advertising their products through different channels; they are targeting the audience with their organic products, toward family, farming, kids, and employees.

2-     Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman blog is based on the cookbooks, and recipes of cooking. Here she is promoting his cookbooks through her blog.
Many other business blogs include.
Danny Brown’s blog
Nuts about Southwest blog
Disney Parks etc.

So you can sell your product and services through blogging, if you have the business management skills.

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