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There are not hard rules as such to select a domain name, but followings are some kind of guideline tips to be considered.
Good Domain Name

Domain name associates with the nature of your product and service.

Try to choose a domain name which described exactly what the site is all about, because it will gives the first impression for the visitor to get an idea of what the website is all about. So try to select a domain names which resembles your content and the data in it. For example my domain name is bloggerwits, that’s why I had made a menu, which associates with my domain name, like blogging, blogging tutorials, make money blogging etc.

Easy to Remember

It will bring you a lot of traffic, if it’s easy to remember, because when a person want revisit your web, he should remember the domain name. It normally happens with me that, when I visit a page, and want to recall it, but not remembers the name, due to long and complex name of the page.

Keep the domain name short

It looks better, if it’s normally less than 12 characters. If you set a long domain name, the probability of wrong typing is greater than short, because you may miss some words in it. Such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc, why these names are famous, because these names are unique, short and attractive. So try to pick a name which is unique, attractive and short.

Use Hyphens if domain name not available

Before going to purchase a domain name, you should also keep some backups, because the first name is usually taken by others, in this case you can use of Hyphen (-) in between the words. Suppose I am registering my domain on this name, such as www.domainname.com, if this name has already taken then you can use Hyphen (-) in between the name, like www.domain-name.com.
 (Note) Make sure you are not choosing the name which is similar to anyone else, because it will sue you, there is a chance of legal conflict. Be aware of the scammers; try to make sure, you are buying your domain from an authentic company.

Conclusion Remarks

I personal like two words name for the blog, because it sounds good. One thing I like to mention, try to get a domain in “.com”, because it’s mostly used and Top Level Domain (TLD) extension. If you not find a domain with .com, then you can use .net and .org extension as well. The last tip which i want to tell you is that, if you are quite famous among the society, better to use your own name in domain, because more people knows you, and that will bring more traffic to your blog. Such a johnchow, he had used his own name for the blog. 

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  1. Informative blog useful for those who are not aware about how to choose domain name for a website ..I followed the tips which you listed here and choose apt domain name for my business website then registered it through domain providers like 9cubehosting.com for reliable cost ....

  2. Love it.. thanks for sharing an Informative blog useful for those who are not aware about how to choose domain name for a website


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