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Yes, you can Make Money Online through your blog; all you need a computer and an internet connection. Today I will reveal the whole processor about blogging through which you can make money online from your blog. Blogging is quite easy but it needs your consistency. If you are new to the blogging, this article will help you to understand the whole processor of Make Money Online.

Create A Blog To Make Money Online

How to create a blog?

Creating blog is not a difficult job. You can create a blog in blogger.com or on Wordpress.com, but only creating a blog is not the ultimate requirement for making money online. First you should understand the difference between Blogger.com vs Wordpress.com, because these both are two different platforms. Blogger is platform of Google. Another important thing you have to understand before you start a blog is that, if you are choosing WordPress, then it got two different platforms, which are WordPress.com and WordPress.Org.
If you want to know the differences, just read this article, “Difference between WordPress.com vs WordPress.Org”

Select a niche

Before you going to purchase a domain, first you should define your niche, and choose a niche where you interest lies, and do what you know and you wants to do.

Domain and Hosting

Then you will go for the second step that is purchasing Domain and Hosting. There are so many companies which will provide you the free domain with hosting charges, like Godaddy, Hostgatar, Bluehost etc.

How much cost will occur?

Each company has its own domain cost, but it will cost you around $24 per year. If we convert 24 dollars into Pakistani Rupee, then it will cost you around 2500 per year. Make sure you have to pay 2500 each year for its renewal. You can also purchase it for 2 years as well, it all depends which type of domain you want to purchase? Your domain will be verified within 24 hours.

Write some posts

Once your domain registered, all you need to write some posts, because it’s not as easy to earn money as we think. Just write different posts according to your niche.
Once you wrote some article in your blog, try to promote your blog through social networks, because majority of people on internet are linked with social networks, for this you need to promote your blog through.

Facebook page

Promote your blog through Facebook page, invite friends to like your blog, through which you can promote your blog, fox example see my Facebook page for the blog.

Google (+) Plus

Promote your blog through Google+, where you can share blog articles with your Google+ circle, for example see my Google+ page.

Stumble it

This is another website where you can promote your blog, just stumble it on the stumble site for more traffic.

MySpace or LinkedIn

These two are other great sites for your blog promotion.

Networked blog

Majority of bloggers had linked there blogs to networked blog, you can linked the blog with Networked blog through your facebook account.
Consider the SEO tips to attract your audience in Blogging.

Monetize your blog

Finally you can be able to monetize your blog, if you did above all.

How to monetize the blog?

You can monetize your blog through different ads, such as.

Google Adsense

Adsense is a website run by Google itself. It allows publishers to serve automatic text, images, and videos as well as advertise product in it. These adverts maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per impression basis. Google has earned ($9.71 billion annualized), which is the 28% of total revenue, through Google AdSense.

Google Adword

Google Adword is giving you the opportunity to advertise your product on the web, if you want to promote a brand, you can easily post your brand advertisement in it. Many blogger are earning a handsome amount of money from Google Ad word. If you have the ability in advertisement field, you can easily persuade your audience through your innovative skills.

Add Infolinks

Add Infolinks to your blog, it’s a pay per click (PPC) advertisement, when the viewer click on the Infolinks, on per click they are paying $0.01. Each day hundreds of viewers are clicking on the Infolinks and this PPC make a great contribution at the end of the month. So you can also add Infolilnks to your blog for Monetization. 
8 Ways to make money blogging- Here I have categorize the ways through which one can generate money.
Earn money through blogging – Earn money through “Make money Blogging” “Freelancing” ” Affiliate Marketing” and “Online Business”.
So in money blogging bloggers most of income is generated from
Affiliate Links
Sponsored reviews
Sponsored ads etc

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