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 Add Quantcast to WordPress

If you want to know the demographic statistics of your blog, all you need to install Quantcast software in your WordPress blog. What it actually does? It tracks more audience information in terms of demographics; you can get some great data that has to do with gender, nationality, visitor’s location, and household income etc.  Quantcast Focuses more on people coming to your website while Google Analytics tell you about, what anyone does when they come to your website, such as how many pages they visit, how long they are on the website, but if you want to know the demographic statistics of your website, I suggest you to install Quantcast to your site, because it will help you to understand the demographics of your site as well as it automatically advertises the ads according the your visitors. 
 Add Quantcast to WordPress

How to install Quantcast to your WordPress blog?

Installing Quantcast to your WordPress blog is quite easy; all you need to get the code and paste in the WordPress blog.

Step1: Sign-up for Quantcast

To install Quantcast Statistical Software in your WordPress blog, first Sign-in to Quantcast.com site. Once you signed-in, go to the upper right hand site and you will find the Create Account option, just click on it and create a free account. 

 Add Quantcast to WordPress

Step 2: Activate it from your Email ID

Once you created an account in Quantcast.com, it will refer you to activate it from your email address. You have click on activation link sent by the Quantcast site.

Step 3: Click on Generate Tag to get the code

Your account has been activated, now you will find a button on left hand side in publisher portion, click on Generate Tag, here you have to add your blog URL. If you want to display ads according to the demography, you can also select the Adchoices Privacy Icon or you can unmark if you don’t need.
(Note) Before submitting your site, better to copy the code and paste in a notepad file.

Step 4: Login to WordPress blog

Now you have to log-in to your WordPress blog, here go to appearance and click on editor. 
 Add Quantcast to WordPress
Step5: Click on Footer to paste the code
Pate that Quantcast code before the closing body tag and update the file, that’s it, you have connected Quantcast cast software from your website to Quantcast service.
(Note) It will take 24 to 48 hours to scan your website and connect with Quantcast software, so do not worry, if you not see any data coming in yet. 

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