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Website and a Blog
Many people get confused; when it comes to differentiate between a Website and a Blog, because both looks similar but they are different in nature. We should define it first, before going to see the difference.
Website: A place on the World Wide Web that contains information about a person or an organization etc, which maintains one or more web pages.
Blog: blog is an abbreviated term of weblog, contains individual’s records and articles, which maintains ongoing chronicle (newest on the top) information.

                   Website                                                Blog

Hosted under a domain name with your own choice
Hosted under a domain name with your own choice
Content more formally presented. Most websites not allows you to comment on a post.
Presented content more informally, which allows you to comment on a post?
Mostly used by institutes and organizations
Mostly used by individuals
Not make posts, but add data to page for viewing.
Make posts and Articles
Posts are written in codes. Html code for some portions
Posts written on simple dashboard but here also Html requires for some portion
Unlimited storage for the pages
Both limited plus unlimited storage
No boundaries for creating or display
Self hosted blogs have no boundaries, but automatic hosted have
Require server side scripting for complex tasks
Not server side scripting for task
Content refreshment, There is nothing such in a static
Bloggers show around 8-15 posts on their blogs main page
Content is being searched by the Google
Here also, but blogger provide content in a different dimension
Topics depends on the niche
Blogs covers a vast variety of topics
Need an expert to manage a website
You don’t need an expert to manage your blog
One way communication
Two way communication
Lecture type
Quite static
More dynamic and creative
Managed by a web master
Managed by a blogger
Customer benefits
Great stories
Information is quite authentic
Information is not quite authentic, because everyone can write on it

Finally: A blog is a type of Website.

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