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Finally, it has been revealed that where Google Stores its Data; these photos had been taken inside the Google Data Centers, in USA, Finland and Belgium. There are about 8 data centers, but it is more building its Data Center in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Chile.
1-      This room consists of Routers and Switches to communicate with Data Centers. The fiber optic has been used, which is more than 200,000 times faster than your home internet.

2-     This is lower part of the center, which is constructed by huge steel beams, which helping in distribution of power between the chambers.

3-     This Data center covered 115,000 square feet of space, and used for Council Bluffs Data.

4-     In Council Bluffs Data Center, there is a plastic curtains, which keep cold air and lending hot air out.

5-     Due to high power in the circuits, they need to be cool, these colour pipes carries water. The blue one carries cold and red one carries back warm water to be cooled.

6-     This Data Center is full of LED lights; LED blue colour has been used to indicate that everything is working properly. These U bend pipes, when fluid temperature increases they expand and when its decreases they contract.

8-     This is the tape library, where backup data has been stored and robotic arms to load as required.

9-     This storage tank cantains 900,000 liters of water, which is being used for cooling purposes, as we saw those blue and red pipes above picture.

10-  These are Ethernet Switches; thanks to them we are connected and able to see them.

11-   This is backup tape’s Door, which is unique, barcode and robotic system.

Before, Google was quite cagey with details, that exactly how many servers it has. When Google construct a server center in Dallas, Oregon in 2005 the project was a complex of three buildings, each as large as a stadium field. It was made on the Columbia River, because of cheap electricity which is required for an energy-sucking cooling system. When it was completed, it pulls 103 Megawatts of electricity, enough to power a city.
In 2007 Google construct another two data center, one in Lenoir North Carolina, and the second one in Goose Creek, South Carolina with a budget of $1200 millions.

Data centre in Oregon

Data centre (Council Bluffs, Lowa)

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