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Limit Log-in Attempts
As we have seen that, hacking of websites and blogs are increasing day-by-day. Why this number is increasing day-by-day? It’s because we are providing an easy excess to the hackers by increasing the limit of log-in attempts. I have seen couple of times on my blog that, these spammers and hackers are sending scripts and spam injections through comments. Programming and software have made our life easier but when anyone started miss use, it will make a lot of trouble for the person, whose account has been hacked. In this case you just limit the log-in attempts, because the hacker might guess some information about your password. Today this article will help you to Limit Log-in Attempts to Secure WordPress Blog from hackers and spammers.

How to Limit Log-in Attempts in WordPress?

You have to just install the pluging Limit Login Attepts to prevent your blog from hacking.
How it works?
It provides a limited log-in attempt for a user to log-in, for this you just have go for the settings and limit the Log-in Attempts. Now fill-out log-in attempts, means here you can put a number for how many failed log-in attempts you are allowing?You can also use these plugins as well such as Sucuri, Block Bad Queries and wordFence, to protect your blogs from hackers.

Some additional Tips to prevent your account from Hacking?

Pick a strong password

It must contain some special characters like @%$#* etc
Don't use common words like 123, your birth date etc.
Your password characters are more than 8 characters.
Change your password periodically.

Use the following rules to strengthen your password

Use @ instead of a
Use $ instead of s
Use 0 instead of o
Use ! instead of i  Now Like Damien become D@m!n

Keep your WordPress password different from other networks

I have seen, majority of people are using the same password for each and every networks, this is not a good way, because your one mistake can block all networks for you, therefore use a different password particularly for the WordPress.

Never use “Admin” Username

People normally use their own name in username section, it is not a good idea at all, because you are providing an easy excess for a hacker to hack your account. You can create another user from WordPress Admin Panel and delete the admin user for safety.

Use WordPress AntiVirus Protection

AntiVirus can protect your blog against hackers and spam injections, because it is clarifying the infected files and check the mail notifications as well.


If you want to prevent your blog form hackers, the first line of defense is to use a strong password. Before going to using a browser, make sure there have been installed firewall and antivirus. Clear the cache and always log-out when you are done, stay safe. 

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